10 Packing Hacks That Will Change the Way You Travel

There are very few people in the world who don’t like to travel from time to time. Whether it’s for vacation or one of your work requirements, heading away from home is something we all do occasionally.

One thing we all hate about traveling is the packing though, right? Luckily for you, we’ve uncovered the 10 best packing hacks that will change the way you travel, and cut out the unwanted stress!

1 – Keep it Simple

It’s easy to overpack, especially if we’re not 100% sure what the weather is going to be like over a longer stay. A good rule of thumb is “something short, something warm, something in between”. An even better add on would be to limit your bottoms: you can wear one pair of shorts or jeans with at least three different tops.

2 – The Military Skivvy Roll

Rolling your clothes into tight bundles allows you to cram more in—and you can even fit them into the side pockets. A great military trick is to roll a shirt, piece of underwear, and a pair of socks into one little burrito.

3 – Stuffing the Right Way

Any shoes you’re packing in create some empty space. If you’re using the military skivvy roll technique to take care of your underwear and socks, then you’re free to stuff your grooming products in here. If you prefer to keep these in your medicine bag along with your toothbrush, then shoes are a great space-saving spot for your charger cables too.

4 – The Razor Cap

Some razors come with a protective cap included, but not all of them. Chances are you don’t fancy cutting yourself open when you reach into your bag while suffering jet lag. A great way to avoid this is to cap your razor with a binder clip.

5 – Wrap it Up

No matter how carefully you handle your baggage, that tube of toothpaste or bottle of shampoo always seems to leak a little, right?

Instead of wasting extra space by trying to cram such products into a plastic bag first, use some plastic wrap. Unscrew the caps, put some plastic wrap over the opening then replace the cap.

6 – The Tailor’s Tip

Maybe you need to take a formal blazer or jacket with for a business meeting or event, but the weather doesn’t permit you to wear it when you leave for the airport. Carrying a traditional covering separate to your main luggage can be a nuisance, but you don’t want to wrinkle your blazer either right?

A great trick we’ve learned from tailors is to pull your suit jacket inside out first. Folding it this way prevents wrinkling, and your blazer will be ready to wear without needing an iron first!

7 – Collars and Belts

If you’re taking a blazer with, chances are you need a collared shirt too. You don’t want to roll it up either, as this can crush the collar. But you don’t want to risk the collar being crumpled in transit either. A simple way to get around this problem is to roll your belt up so that it fits neatly under the collar. Not only will it protect the collar itself, it saves space with packing the belt too.


8 – Heavy on the Wheels

Chances are that as a regular or avid traveler, you’ve got a nifty wheel-suitcase, which is much easier to transport than a large tog bag. Pack smart by placing your heavier items on the side with the wheels, which prevents them from shifting and potentially crushing lighter items on the go.

9 – Keeping Dirty Clothes Separate

You’re likely to still have some clean clothes when you head back home. Maybe you over-packed slightly, or maybe you didn’t need that emergency warm top (or summer top, depending on your destination).

To pack unpacking easier and keep your clean clothes separate from the dirty, pack a small mesh laundry bag in. They’re incredibly cheap, and take up next to no space in your bag. Just be sure to use the same rolling technique for your dirty clothes when packing them in again.

10 – Fragile Goods

Whether you’re packing them in to take with or bringing them back as souvenirs, chances are you have a few fragile items that you don’t want to break in transit. There are two great tips for dealing with this age-old problem.

Bubble-wrap is the first and most obvious. Toss in a few sheets when packing to go, so that you can wrap your precious memorabilia when coming back home. The second is a fail-safe back-up in case you forgot the bubble-wrap (or run out): thick socks. Simply pop them into your thickest pair and surround with the rest of your clothes as extra padding.


For some, travel is a necessary evil. For others, a pleasure we look forward to all year. Whichever the case may be for you, the art of packing can be an elusive nightmare. But with these great tips, you can be sure to enjoy every step of your journey!

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