A Beauty to Behold

Vacations usually begin online with a hotel search. Let’s eliminate that step and take you right to one of our favorite destinations, The JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort and Spa. The plush green golf courses that are peppered with finely groomed sand traps and welcoming palm trees grabs your attention upon your arrival. So much so that you might not be able to turn your eyes away to sort out of the specifics of your stay. The original pixelation was much more humble, though. Famed developer Donald Soffer conceived the hotel on a cocktail napkin in 1967 and persuaded a group of realtors to invest in a large tract of Florida swampland.

Drained long ago, today’s 300-acre oasis in the city of Aventura gives guests their picturesque fill. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens, the scene isn’t just for show. Forty species of tropical birds, rich botanical fauna and chef ’s herb and tropical fruit garden all thrive. Of course, Turnberry offers the best of both worlds by complementing the natural diversity with Mediterranean- inspired architecture, marble walkways, and sparkling fountains.

The outside living up, the interior optics won’t be a let down either. Inspired by Miami’s art deco history, the nod to the past lights up both sides of the brain. Clean, geometric lines outline a sense of order, while classic designs and simple, sophisticated details set an artistic tone that suggests it’s time to let loose. You might want to put your bags down first, and if traveling light, 500 and 700 square foot abodes won’t have you feeling cramped. Drawn in by the expansive view of the golf course, oceanfront, and Miami skyline, the panorama certainly does its part. But the Queen or King size beds look awfully roomy, and they’ll do if your sea legs are weary after a long itinerary.

A look around is probably more likely and wood floors, plush carpeting, and contemporary furnishings widen the view. However, the sights really take shape on the balcony, and you’re free to gasp or get down to it on the grounds below. Of course, the impetus might have to wait if the manifest has more names included. Thus, they’ll be plenty of room to go to neutral corners in one and two bedroom suites. But domestic tranquillity likely prevailing, the layout looks more like your living room. A long windy couch lets you stretch out, while the kids chow down at the kitchen table, and your spouse maps out the night’s activities at the desk study or on the private balcony. A double vanity lets you spread out accessories – and with or without a beautification process—a full marble shower and/or bathtub befits the Greek god/goddess that emerges.

Mythology aside, presidential suites are even loftier. A formal foyer provides a grand welcome, and even without the pomp of Hail to the Chief, the luxury living room and separate dining area gives everyone a seat at the table. Nonetheless, executive privilege has its say, and a gas driven hearth actually lets you calm your cohabiting constituents with a real fireside chat. A slow burn applies to the spacious kitchen if care to cook, and homemade or not, you can savior the returns in the separate dining room. Although, the seat of power still requires an inner sanctum and retiring to the master bedroom leaves the largeraffairs out of view. In other words, that jet tub is all you and also there for your number deux.

The private study, powder room and walk-in closet feels presidential too. But there’s nothing up in the air about majestically hunkering down in Turnberry’s Penthouse Suite. A two bedroom extravaganza, the sovereignty of the master bedroom is attended to first. So the lofty specs will king size the sleep, dual head your marble shower and spacious bathroom, and any loose ends, sync up with an extra seating area, a private balcony and walk-in closet. The guest room with two double beds won’t have other members of your court feeling on the outs and neither will the private study, full living room and sectional dinner seating for ten. Of course, the stunning terrace view puts everyone on equal footing. The same goes on the ground because once coming downstairs, everyone is in the penthouse suite. An elevation that begins in the pit of your stomach. The culinary destination that is JW Miami Turnberry offers bold flavors, garden-fresh ingredients and chef ’s who love to freelance the menu. The freewheeling doesn’t end there, because Turnberry doesn’t tie the imaginative cuisine to any one setting. You can go al fresco by the pool at Surf House, breeze the CORSAIR Kitchen and Bar Patio or set the standard at the award-winning BOURBON STEAK.

Extra intake engenders no guilt either. Wellness and Spa facilities help keep you in balance, and state of the art fitness center prevents you from tipping the scales. Especially important if there’s more to your golf game than simply taking in the sights. Two legendary 18-hole championship golf courses await and are home to numerous LPGA and PGA events. Originally designed by renowned golf course architect Robert Trent Jones, the Soffer and Miller courses have been re-imagined by golf icon Raymond Floyd. Both challenging and diverse in their difficulty, the 36 holes are “a strategic gem.” But you don’t have to register a final score to exercise an activity regimen. The Don Soffer Trail provides 3.1 miles of biking or walking, and the Tidal Cover Waterpark lets it slide like never before. You don’t want to forget the outside world, though. Miami Beach, the Seaquarium, and Everglades National Park are all there, and the Aventura Mall is right across the street. Unfortunately, another small problem will again make it difficult to turn away. You’re not going to want to leave. Luckily, Turnberry will always be there.


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