Benson And Ductant: The Key Players Of A Booming Industry

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Not many industries can compare with the prosperity of the Champagne industry. In 2019 alone, over 297 million champagne bottles were exported globally. With 25 million of those bottles coming to the U.S. In a single year, The States made Champagne, France, over $752.6 million solely on champagne imports. During 2020 the Champagne industry saw drastic and continuous growth even in the harsh conditions of a pandemic, proving that the Champagne industry is both is fast-growing and promising as an industry!

One of the major players in the Champagne industry is an impressive company, Billionaire’s Row. Billionaire’s Row is an international, African American-owned, luxurious brand that develops and designs products for the affluent and elite. Made with perfection, each product is entirely unique to its customers and provides an experience that will never be forgotten.

William Benson, the creator, and founder of Billionaire’s Row, is joined by Patrick Ductant as a Co-CEO. These two gentlemen landed themselves on the world’s radar with their introduction of the Billionaires Row Rosé Champagne and Cognac XO. Benson described this choice of merchandise by detailing, “I chose alcohol because it makes you feel opulent. Spirits [alcohol] have been used throughout history as a means to fellowship and reward,” This sense of fellowship meeting indulgence is a feeling Benson reflects on endearingly. Nights out with fellow bright minds often included champagne or cocktails, so why not bring both to the table?

Billionaire's Row

Benson and Ductant re-invented the top-shelf spirit industry when they created Billionaire’s Row’s iconic duo, the Rosé Champagne and Cognac XO. These men persistently set the bar high for all other spirit brands through Billionaire’s Row’s unending achievements. This exceptional company profoundly impacts the global market; most recently, Billionaire’s Row became the only African American-owned champagne company globally after Jay-Z sold 50% of Ace of Spades.

Benson and Ductant aim to collaborate with leaders in the spirits industry to further their already impressive breakthroughs in the coming year. To those ends, Ductant has announced a prominent partnership with MHW and others. “We are fortunate to have one of the largest back-office wine and spirit companies like MHW LTD, to represent our brand Billionaires Row Spirits. Talk about game-changing.”

Billionaire's Row

The business does not stop there. BevStrat and ReserveBar joined the Billionaire’s Row team to improve their building further. “We developed a powerful personal relationship that naturally spilled into a business relationship,” said Billionaires Row CEO William Benson about Brian Rosen, the CEO of BevStrat. It’s safe to say that their partnership was developed naturally due to the mutual passion for the industry; the two highly esteemed entrepreneurs came into the business with each other in terms of pure coincidence, albeit through a shared love of a top-shelf drink.

Billionaire Row is truly a league apart from other industry brands, though the duo didn’t just fall into the lap of luxury overnight. Through careful design and dedication to their craft, this team of innovators has created a brand, an experience that is redefining their industry. When asked about how he devised such an innovative brand, Benson stated, “Simple it wasn’t designed to be luxury it was designed to be a new definition of luxury that redefines the mold.”

To reach the social status they currently hold, Billionaires Row became masters of social media marketing. Benson gives some insight into why and how they executed this, “Social media has helped our brand tremendously. Social media is a global platform that connects the world faster than ever before Which gives us the opportunity to disseminate the message and aura of Billionaires Row directly to the people.” Social media allows people to get to know the brand on a deep and personal level; it provides heightened transparency, so the public is able to see all the brand does, other than be magnificent bottles on a top-shelf.

Billionaire's Row

Between the influential partnerships Billionaire’s Row has fostered, and the ingenuity shown by Benson and Ductant, it’s easy to understand how this brand has become a key player in the Champagne industry. We cannot wait to see where these men take Billionaire’s Row next; though, we are sure that wherever Benson and Ductant go — success will follow!

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