Caviar & Cashmere x Ron Robinson Launch

Launching a skincare line has been one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding endeavors I have ever taken on. No one said it was going to be easy, and that may be one of the reasons I chose to do it, as I have always loved a challenge.

I look back at the moments as a child which gleaned some insight as to what I would end up “being” when I grew up. All roads led to entrepreneur. From the weekly lemonade stands with a twist (I wanted a unique selling point, so I’d always add a twist like rosemary infused flavors or handpainted cups), to the door-to-door selling of my mom’s unused kitchen supplies, being in business for myself was always in my destiny.

I long imagined building a brand from the ground up, and selling it in the stores I shopped in as a child. Ron Robinson was one of those stores, one of the most well-known and storied boutiques in Los Angeles, with 40 years of curating the best selection of beauty, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. My mom used to take my sister and I to Ron Robinson in Santa Monica to get our birthday outfits, holiday dresses, and beyond, and in my teenage years, I would spend my weekends driving to Ron Robinson in West Hollywood with my friends to pick out newly released makeup and my first pair of designer shoes.

It will come as no surprise that when I launched Caviar & Cashmere Skincare, Ron Robinson was on my list of dream retailers. A little more than six months after launching the line, my dream became reality, and Caviar & Cashmere was picked up in two of the eponymous locations.

To celebrate, Ron Robinson and I co-hosted a launch event at the West Hollywood store, inside of the famed Fred Segal Melrose. Partnering with Ron himself was certainly a pleasure, as we both have the same eye for detail and perfection.

The event was held on a Wednesday evening, where we entertained 250 guests who came to check out the line, show their support and celebrate with us.

There was a red carpet outside for guests to walk and get their photos taken before entering the event inside. Once inside, guests were greeted with endless food and drinks catered by one of my favorite restaurants, Mauro Cafe. Guests enjoyed a variety of passed appetizers and desserts, Prosecco, and Peroni beers.

The store was decorated beautifully with floral arrangements made by Petalfox and lit with candles by Ron’s own line, Apothia.

Caviar & Cashmere Skincare was on display, so guests could experience the line for themselves, with the help and education of Ron Robinson’s incredible sales team. Alongside his team, we also had my dermatologist, celebrity skin saver Dr. Jennifer Herrmann there offering complimentary skin consultations for the guests.

I wanted the guests to feel the way I hope one does when using Caviar & Cashmere Skincare, which is beautiful and confident, so I had my favorite illustrator there, Karen Koh from The Illustriene, doing custom portraits of the guests. Her art is remarkable, as her illustrations portray her subjects in the most beautiful way.

The energy at the event was buzzing, with our guests laughing, mingling with each other, trying the products, and having a great time. I felt so grateful to have such an outpouring of support that night, from both Ron Robinson, his team, and all of the people who showed up.

Guests who attended the event left with a special gift, a custom Caviar & Cashmere cosmetic travel bag designed by RuMe which is perfect to organize your cosmetics and skincare in your purse, luggage, or gym bag.

Below you will see a peek inside the event and all of the fun we had!

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