Great Business Concepts for a Younger Person



A considerable segment of the adult population are classified as entrepreneurs. Self employment and running small businesses represents a key way in which an ever increasing number of people make their livings.


With that understood, young adults and older young people not yet out of school understandably have interests in entrepreneurship. There are, in fact, a variety of businesses that are well suited to younger people, even those who are still in school. These types of endeavors expose young people to different income generating prospects that might open doors to profitable futures for them in the future.


What follows are some of the best business ideas for young entrepreneurs at this juncture in the 21st century. Exposing young people to entrepreneurship, even children in high school, can give them a real leg up when it comes to building successful careers and businesses in the future.


Computer Repair Service


A younger person who has a knack for computer repair can turn that skill into a business. No real investment is required. A young person can engage in computer repair from the comfort of the home. The business can be set up on the internet, no brick and mortar world storefront being required.


Handmade, Customized Gifts


A younger person with creative flair can make handmade gifts. As is the case with computer repair services, this type of business can be established online. In addition to making handmade gifts, a young person could make custom made gifts, gifts made to order.


Gift Wrapping Service


On a related note, a young person could also start a gift wrapping business. This type of enterprise could be particularly in demand in the holiday season. This is yet another type of business that can be based on the internet. An addition to this type of enterprise could be the creation of handmade wrapping paper.


Pet Sitting Services


A considerably majority of households have pets. Another solid business for a young person is a pet sitting service. Indeed, a young person could set up a pet sitting service in the neighborhood. Even serving households in the fairly immediate vicinity can make for a solid, profitable enterprise.


Social Media Marketing


Young people know social media. Indeed, perhaps no group of people has a better handle on the ins and outs of social media than do children. With this in mind, a young person is in a prime position to set up an effective, profitable social media marketing business venture.


Car Washing


Simple. A young person can start a car washing business. Indeed, this represents another type of enterprise that a young person can start and serve the needs of people in the neighborhood. Like many of the other businesses suggested here, there are no real startup costs associated with this type of business venture.


Baked Goods


The internet can also play a role in assisting a young person in setting up a homemade baked goods business. From cookies to cakes to pies and many other items in between, a baked goods business is strong way for a young person to learn about entrepreneurship, business, and making money.


Device Set Up


Older folks oftentimes don’t really have a grasp on the ins and outs of setting up different types of devices. In the grand scheme of things, in this day and age, the number of devices that require setting up is significant. A young person can make a business out of assisting older people in setting up different types of devices. For most young people, setting up devices is a breeze.


Poop Handler


As mentioned previously, a majority of households have pets. Many of these homes have dogs. And, dogs poop. One business idea for a young person is poop handler. Many people will pay well to have someone clean up poop in their yards.


Homemade Doggie Treats


Another unique business course a young person can take is making homemade doggie treats. A young person might want to consider combining a baked goods business with one that makes doggie treats. This type business can thrive online.


In the grand scheme of things, there are many entrepreneurial options available for younger people. If a person under the age of 18 is interested in setting up one or another of these businesses. parents can be supportive through advice. However, the hands on work should be left to the young person. Of course, parents do need to keep a protective eye on operations to ensure that a young person remains safe in pursuit of a business opportunity.



Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage a leading company that provides Internet fax service for individuals and businesses.


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