Optimal Speed Meets The SUV

The 2020 Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition is loaded with luxury and is the fastest Velar to date. The enhanced design and tactical improvements made to this SUV offer a more comfortable and controlled ride for the driver. The attention to detail is clear with the flawless tweaks to both the interior and exterior of the Velar. The new and refined design of this vehicle provides intense power, advanced capabilities and tons of technological options to bond speed and safety together.


The Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition has a modern and luxurious setting on both the inside and out. The exterior features a new front bumper which has larger air intakes, along with new side cladding to emphasize the beauty of the vehicle. Standard 21” forged alloy wheels help the car handle the speeds it can reach. The vehicle is offered in the color choices of Firenze Red, Santorini Black, Eiger Grey, Fuji White, Indus Silver and, by special order, Satin Byron Blue.

The interior has perforated Windsor leather seats that are built with the driver’s comfort in mind and are offered in color choices of Ebony, Vintage Tan, Cirrus and Pimento. High-quality materials were used for every inch of the interior including a new sports steering wheel with buttons that are hidden until they are lit, as well as aluminum gearshift paddles. This model of the Velar was designed with contemporary styles, adding to the luxury and class of its design


This vehicle has more advanced capabilities than previous models with more precise levels of control and upgraded protection systems. The Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition has 45% more horsepower than the previous Velar model with its supercharged 5.0-liter gas V8 engine that generates 550 hp and goes from 0-60mph in just 4.3 seconds. Improved brakes, All-Wheel Drive and Intelligent Driveline Dynamics all work together to give you the most precise drive and suit the conditions of the road, so you can be at ease behind the wheel.


The Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition offers an abundance of technological components. The seats are able to move in 20 different ways and have a memory feature to save the seat position for different passengers. Touch Pro Duo is featured to view everything needed on the front screen while in the vehicle, such as, having the navigation system and media controls on the same screen. Connect Pro services which can provide Wi-Fi on the road, InControl Remote to pre-start the vehicle and Rear Seat Entertainment are offered to keep your driving experience convenient and relaxing. 

The Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic Edition offers both high-class luxury, and sports car speed, all in the form of an SUV. After having the chance to drive this car to Boston on a recent trip, it is safe to say that this vehicle is a comfortable and speedy dream car. This vehicle’s dedication to safety and security while never falling short on luxury, speed and class, truly makes it one-of-a-kind. 

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