Optimizing Natural Light: Hunter Douglas

Natural lighting can be a powerful element in the transformation of a space. And depending on the amount of light in a room, mood can be drastically impacted. Lighting is subjective to the needs of a space, whether it be for reading in a study or sharing dinner in a dining room. Proper lighting can improve your state of mind and energy levels, while poor lighting can contribute to depression and other body deficiencies. Whether it be in a home or an office, any room can benefit from lighting tailored according to the needs of the space. The natural light you allow in your bedroom won’t be the same light you might want in a conference room. Certain spaces benefit from window treatments that allow light to come through and provide privacy. Other spaces might have fewer privacy concerns but value UV protection offered by quality shades. Interior Motif of Hoboken has a vast selection of Hunter Douglas window treatments that cater to shading needs. Their passionate experts are eager to help find the right shades that will undoubtedly alter and upgrade your space. 


Designer Screen Shades:

There are three options available for the Designer Screen Shades: Opaque, Semi-Opaque, and Screen. The Screen Shades are designed to provide the powerful UV protection you need for yourself and the items in a space. These shades have a sophistication that works perfectly in office environments, highrise buildings, and anywhere privacy is not typically an issue. Opaque Shades prevent light from shining in and work well for home theaters and bedrooms. The Semi-Opaque Shades allow sunlight to stream through while also providing an indoor space with desired privacy.

Silhouette Window Shadings:

This is a beautiful all-in-one shade that is ideal for high rise buildings as well as family homes. During the day, these shades allow you to see outside but prevent anyone from seeing inside. This provides full privacy without having to compromise outdoor viewing capabilities. There is also the option of rotating the shades completely for no viewing in or out. There is also a Duo-Silhouette option that works with two shades with a room-darkening roller shade working from behind. You’ll be able to look out and have room darkening all in one shade. These shades provide 88% UV protection while open and 99% UV protection while closed. 

Pirouette Window Shadings:

The Pirouette shades offer a fusion of the Roman and Silhouette shades. They allow the ability to look out with full room darkening and elegantly fold like a Roman shade.  

Duette Architella Window Shadings:

These are the most energy-efficient shades of the Hunter Douglas line. They boast an energy efficiency increase from 35% to 45%. They are recommended for use in cities and other areas where outside noises may be less desired. The Duette Architella Shades have a dual option of light filtering as well as room darkening. These shades are thoughtfully designed to increase sound absorption, which reduces any unwanted outside noise. 


Hunter Douglas shades can operate both manually and with motorization. The PowerView Automation Systems allow you to control your shades with wall switches, Pebble Control, Remote Connect, the PowerViewApp, Alexa, and Google Home systems. Window treatments can be scheduled with Nest controls allowing shades to adjust to light accordingly. Wake up with the sun or sleep-in peacefully. With voice control, you can open or close your shades with a simple command. Child safety and pet safety options make these shades family-home friendly. With the experts at Interior Motif located in Hoboken, you will find the optimal window treatments customized to not only the needs of your space but also the needs of the mind and body.

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