Sophisticated Styling With Safavieh

For four generations, Safavieh and the family behind the brand, have dedicated their talents to curating durable interior furnishings in a beautiful and customizable manner. 

Beginning as an antique Oriental rug supplier, Safavieh planted their seed in the home furnishing realm. They have since transitioned to a full home and outdoor furniture brand, while still curating collections of their unique rugs. Through studying fabrics, lifestyle trends, and color combinations in the fashion world, Safavieh is able to produce unique designs on a traditional, glamorous, and modern scale. Focusing on using high tech methods of production and high quality materials, the craftsmanship and style of Safavieh’s pieces go unmatched. Growing from an artisan family business, to an international distributor with two million square feet of warehouse space, Safavieh has excelled through their innovation, while sustaining their traditional reputation. 

Promoting accessibility to all, Safavieh offers complete customization of their products. With a broad range of price points, styles, fabrics, color schemes, and sizes to choose from, customers can build precisely what they are seeking. Their innovative approach of combining textures and colors that unexpectedly and seamlessly blend, has opened doors to extraordinary styles and designs. Safavieh has partnered with numerous designers to create truly exceptional furnishing collections. 

This room hosts an eclectic aura with contemporary pieces to create a youthful and relaxed appeal. Flaunting a mixture of materials sourced from Italy and modern black and white accents throughout the space, this design delivers high-class components for small space and apartment living. The marble and Italian stone table serves as a statement piece to add movement to the room and draw the eye out, creating the appearance of a larger space. Practical lighting is used to reflect the calming feel of the room and to keep the area cozy. 

One of the hottest new design trends is platform beds. The sunken, reclaimed wood platform beds from Sonder Living create a rustic-contemporary look that can be styled casually or formally. Using wood salvaged from old homes and barns, a unique style is born. The mattress appears to float since it is placed on a metal base, and the bed platform doubles as a hidden storage area to maintain a chic look. Offered in a variety of colors and finishes, these beds are suitable for a wide range of styles. 


Bernhardt Interiors has a unique line of furniture that resembles the look of ice and has coined the term “Arctic” for their line. The table featured in this room has a solid acrylic top with a cast wood grain pattern set on top of a stainless steel base. The coffee table is complemented with a thick glass slab side table with air bubbles to continue the icy theme. Surrounded by watery tones, icy blues, and finished with a faux silk rug, this room serves as a tranquil yet bright living area. 

This bedroom by Bernhardt Interiors showcases the power of combining a variety of textures and materials. The dresser in this room was made by using the same acrylic material as the Arctic table, but in a different mold to give off a modern and glamorous feel. The bed frame is made from solid hammered stainless steel and the ottomans have stainless steel rods welded together with a silk fabric on top. This bedroom has a classic and clean look with contemporary accents to bridge the lines for different lifestyles and style preferences. Blue and gold accent pieces add an element of dimension and create a sleek space. 

Safavieh’s game room products are nothing short of amazing. Offering brilliant shuffleboard tables, foosball tables, and ping pong tables, Safavieh has taken a delightfully sexy approach to the typical game room. Using an iron base and a solid mahogany top, these game room staples are a definite talking point for guests. Leather paddles and nets are also provided for the ping pong tables to further amp up the room.

The Baker Collection features some of the most premium items that Safavieh has to offer. This luxurious line is made, both domestically and in Europe, with durable materials to create a stunning set-up in a dining area, living area, or bedroom. The bedroom showcases a solid walnut bed frame and side tables to bring a contemporary feel to this grand room. The dining area boasts lacquer stained satin on mahonogony and velvet striated woven chairs to tie in an elegant charm. The alluring bookcase in the dining area is from the Ralph Lauren collection and it is a fully-lacquered black bookcase with hand carvings on both the inside and the outside. 

After over 100 years in business, Safavieh has grown to become one of the most versatile and luxurious interior furnishing brands out there. Their attention to detail, range of customizations, superior products, and dedication to making their products accessible, has put the spotlight on Safavieh. Your design process is truly in your hands when shopping with Safavieh. 

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