Ten luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017

Want to enjoy the finer things in life but have no idea where to start? It is best to seek the counsel of those who are experienced in such matters – to that end, there are many experts who regularly voice their opinions on blogs they have run for years.

Below, we will share luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017 if you want to transform your life for the better.

Reem and Natalya Kanj – Five Five Fabulous

Traditionally, contemporary style has been heavily influenced by Western houses of fashion in places like London, Paris, and Milan.

However, the globalized nature of the world means alternative perspectives have begun to creep into the world of high-fashion.

Coming from a Lebanese background, Reem and Natalya Kanj have introduced Middle Eastern styles into the mix, using Five Five Fabulous as their platform.

Their strong grasp of fashion and design has caught the attention of established brands such as Louis Vuitton and L’Oreal, who have partnered with the pair on projects in the past.

Also blogging on topics such as travel, they have managed to amass a dedicated following that will only ensure their influence continues to grow.

Natasha Ndlovu – Bisous Natasha

Natasha is one of the top luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017

The road to success was a long one for Natasha Ndlovu, but hard work has paid off for her. After getting an education at the University of British Columbia, she learned five languages, obtained a gig as a model, and then used her photography and new media skills to start Bisous Natasha in 2013.

In four short years, she has gotten to the point where she regularly does contracts with companies like Jimmy Choo and Topshop and has appeared in mainstream magazines such as Vanity Fair and British Vogue.

With her work ethic, it is no surprise to us she made the list as one of the luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017.

Kim-Marie Evans – Luxury Travel Mom

Think you can’t do family travel in style? Kim Marie Evans would like to have a word with you. After starting her career as a travel journalist, she went on to launch Luxury Travel Mom to showcase the holiday possibilities awaiting parents and their kids in destinations around the world.

Over the life of her blog, she has taken her little ones to places as familiar as Disney World and as exotic as Mauritius.

Along the way, she has maintained a fierce independence with regard to editorial control; this has given her advice a weight Moms have come to know and trust.

Tiffany Dowd – Luxe Tiffany

When she picks your next hotel, you'll know why Tiffany Dowd is one of the top luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017

Looking for the new ‘it’ hotel worthy of an impromptu weekend city break? Tiffany Dowd has a suggestion which will make your getaway a truly special occasion.

Ever since she founded Luxe Tiffany, she has reviewed properties not just on her blog, but for world-leading newspapers like USA Today and The Telegraph as well.

Given her experience and body of work, a recommendation from her comes with considerable clout.

Laura Hyatt – Heroine in Heels

Many travel blogs often lack a coherent theme. Knowing this, Laura Hyatt, author of the blog Heroine in Heels, went to great pains to avoid sounding like every other luxury travel blog out there by focusing on a few core areas.

By finding choice experiences in the London area and coming up with cocktail recipes to blog about, she has attracted a following which has contributed a big way to the success she presently enjoys.

Catherine Lux – Lux Life

Of all the luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017, Catherine Lux is one of the most intriguing

Of all the luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017, Catherine Lux is certainly one of the most peculiar; however, her last name is 100% authentic, as her surname is common among her Prussian ancestors.

Raised in both London and Perth, Australia, Catherine Lux has long had a great deal of love for both travel and luxury living, as her time in London introduced her to its seemingly infinite restaurant and nightclub offerings.

While she showcases luxury travel experiences from around the world, she focuses a great deal of attention on what London and Sydney, Australia (her present home) has to offer, making Lux Life a valuable resource for those planning a visit to either city.

Ting – The Ting Thing

A beauty-centered lifestyle blogger based in the UK, ‘Ting’ (who exercises the often neglected right to not use her real name in online publishing) has brought a great deal of modernity to the genre via her blog, The Ting Thing.

Boasting hair which can change from platinum to lavender depending on her mood and a stunning taste in dresses which regularly turns heads, she has achieved a great deal of credibility in this space in a short amount of time.

It’s not a bad transition going from being laid off from her job as a business consultant to becoming one of the luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017 if you ask us.

Ella Devornik – I am Ella

Ella Devornik is one of the most irreverent luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017

There are plenty of luxury blogs out there these days, but many focus on the prior generation’s definition of what constitutes the good life.

Ella Devornik, a 25-year-old Londoner has brought a perspective to the fore which presents a vision of what luxury means to Millennials. To her, it means living life to the fullest in all ways – fashion, travel, food, everything.

Within the pages of I Am Ella, you’ll find articles detailing her latest travels, new outfits she has cobbled together, and accessories that accentuate her attitude of living for the present moment.

Francois Le Hecho – The Luxe Insider

While most of the luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017 being predominately female, Francois Le Hecho has managed to notch a point for the men with The Luxe Insider.

As a seven year veteran of the luxury retail industry, he provides a wealth of information on the bespoke goods he sold over that period.

However, it is in the interview series where his blog thrives, as it reveals the inside story of many of the luxury industry’s most treasured brands.

Helene LeBlanc – The Luxe Chronicles

Helene Leblanc is a trusted authority in her niche; no wonder she is one of the top luxury bloggers you need to follow in 2017

Seeking a luxury blog with an independent, opinionated voice? The Luxe Chronicles has been a one-woman affair since its inception, and Helene Leblanc has no intention of changing this anytime soon.

Rather than focus on pushing products, Helene aims to have an honest discussion of trends in high fashion, luxury travel, fine food, and other topics in the articles posted on her blog.

Anything she does promote has been a personal favorite of hers for some time, lending her recommendations credibility that is tough for others to match.

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