The Outdoor Cooking Aficionados: Coyote Outdoor

One of the best parts about springtime is the warmer weather and the outdoor activities that start to make a comeback. One activity that always brings people together? Sharing a meal and spending some time with the ones you love. Coyote Outdoor Living brings a new element to mealtime by bringing the kitchen outdoors. 

Coyote Outdoor Living has everything you need to have a spectacularly designed and efficient outdoor kitchen set-up. Opening up 10 years ago in Dallas, Texas, Coyote Outdoor has become a one-stop-shop for outdoor kitchens and stainless steel appliances. Inspired by a desire to give customers a premium stainless steel cooking experience at an affordable price, Coyote Outdoor Living is changing the grilling game.

By assessing the outdoor appliance market for what consumers are looking for and what makes other brands successful, Coyote Outdoor is able to develop high-quality products at an effective price point with longer warranties. By pulling together designers, landscapers, and architects, Coyote is able to detect the needs of customers and collaboratively figure out the best way to efficiently create the product. Their original goal was to present a robust grill line that meets the necessary market needs but Coyote ended up hitting all of the marks and not only creating grills, but also a line of doors, drawers and accessories that complement the grills. Recently, the researchers with Coyote Outdoor have seen an increased desire for electric grills in an urban marketplace, especially built-in appliances. 

Coyote Outdoor has a unique full range of grill sizes and types of grills to meet the needs of any and every outdoor chef. Gas grills are Coyote Outdoor’s most popular grills however, alternative fuel sources are available for those who want a different grilling experience. The Coyote Pellet Grill includes the efficiency of a luxury indoor oven, a digital touch screen, and even heat settings to give you the features of an indoor grill in an outdoor setting. Using green fuel and smart drop technology for burning pellets, this grill has the ability to grill, smoke, sear, and bake all on one surface. Coyote Outdoor’s Charcoal Grills and Smokers highlight their passion for cooking and grilling and serve as a focal piece for outdoor kitchens. 

Coyote’s S-Series grills have impressive features and are the most popular out of their line of gas grills. With infrared rear and searing burners, ceramic heat control grids, a stainless steel body, and a variety of sizes available, the S-Series grills are a hit among barbequers, and the price point is half that of similar products on the market. 

Coyote’s partnership with Ready To Assemble (RTA)  Outdoor Kitchens simplifies the kitchen installment process by using high-strength concrete panels that are self-supporting and mounted to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen. RTA Outdoor Kitchens manufactures all of the stainless steel, the ready to assemble island, and concrete paneled islands in a variety of finishes that are all cut to fit with Coyote appliances so customers can customize their island to the Coyote specifications. 

Coyote Outdoor makes the process of planning an outdoor kitchen simple. Using their outdoor kitchen design tool, customers can customize their layout and view different options before beginning their project. Coyote Outdoor’s islands range in size from 4 feet to 8 feet on both a standard and premium level, so there are options fit for different ranges of space. Once you have chosen your kitchen layout, you can choose your appliance layout, allowing you to design a kitchen based on your needs. For appliances, customers have the option of choosing their grill style, storage space, and accessories, as well as a choice of materials for their kitchen. Once you have completed your online design process, a 3-D view is shown to give you an accurate representation of what will be installed. 

In addition to the wide scope of high-quality appliances and outdoor kitchen set-ups, Coyote Outdoor also offers outdoor living products. Patio furniture, refrigeration systems, and storage components are included among their products. One of Coyote’s most unique products is their portable grill that can be used anywhere with a propane tank, extending the accessibility of their products even further. 

With a passion for cooking embedded in their philosophy, the team at Coyote Outdoor are true experts when it comes to making efficient products for high-quality meal-making. Their precision when designing, creativity when building, and their understanding of the quality time with loved ones that comes with outdoor kitchens make their products unique, durable, and attractive. Coyote Outdoor’s accessible, sleek and desirable products have put them on the map in the outdoor living world and they are committed to continuously improving their brand so more happy memories can be made in Coyote kitchens.

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