5 steps to creating the look of an eye lift with makeup, according to a MUA

No matter what your age, tired eyes are something everyone struggles with. Whether it’s from ageing, spending too late scrolling on our phones or driving a long road trip, your eyes can appear drooped and drowsy. Whilst injections and laser treatments are viable methods of creating an eye lift, we can help our eyes look more awake and lifted without doing anything too drastic. We spoke to makeup artist, Saffron Hughes, from who outlines how to create the look of  an eye lift with simple makeup techniques.

Accentuate and arch the brows

A well-arched brow can work miracles in terms of making a face look more awake. Your brows frame your entire face, so lifted brows will create a lifted look. If your brows are shorter than they should be, extend them outwards rather than arching them down too much to prevent a tired appearance. Opt for a subtle, natural arch to the brows that looks fantastic without significant shaping. To find where your arch should be, from the side of your nostril, line a brow pencil diagonally to the centre of your eye. That’s exactly where your arch should be shaped. Fuller brows are also ideal for drawing the attention upward but be careful not to overdo it!

Save yourself the effort of an eye lift with simple makeup techniques

Neutralise the base

Finding the right eyeshadow base is crucial for creating a fake eye lift. Whether you choose a primer or concealer to do this, the formula should be crease-free, neutralise the tone of the eyelids and emphasise the eyeshadow colours. Simply apply the eyeshadow base and set it with a neutral eyeshadow to create a blank canvas for your makeup. Opt for cream formulas for your base and eyeshadows, as these tend to be long lasting.

Conceal and contour the eyes

Concealer, contour and mascara- with these three makeup bag items, anyone can fake an eye lift. First, apply concealer under your eyebrow arch and then at the outer corner of your eye. These are naturally shadowed spots, so concealing and neutralising any darkness here will create a lifted appearance. Taking a brown eyeshadow for contouring, follow your crease and flick it outwards for a blended, winged effect. This adds depth to your eyes without dragging them downwards. Finish with mascara to lift your eyelashes and create an awake, youthful look.

Focus on your brows, eyelashes and some clever makeup tricks to make your eyes pop

Use highlighter strategically

Highlighter doesn’t just give life to your cheekbones, it’s one of the best tricks for faking an eye lift too. Dab a little iridescent shadow or highlighter on the inner corner of your eyelids and below the arches of your brows. This will instantly make your eyes appear wider and your brows appear more arched. It doesn’t seem like much, but you’d be surprised what a difference it makes. If you want to go a step further, highlight the centre of your eyes with metallic eyeshadow. When the metallic catches the light, your eyes can really pop.

Pick the right false eyelashes

We all know that a pair of false eyelashes can open up your eyes and make them look immediately bigger. However, you may have frustration discovering that not all lashes are going to suit you. Depending on your eye shape, style and fit of the false eyelashes, it can be hard to find the perfect pair that frames your eyes and gives it a lifted appearance. If you have big or round eyes, you’ll want to create more drama towards the outer corners with demi-wispies. If you have smaller or hooded eyes, thick lashes can look too heavy, so opt for lashes with a slightly longer centre to create an illusion of depth. Once you find the right pair of falsies, it will flatter and lift your eye shape.

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