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- "A woman is an occasional pleasure, but a cigar is always a smoke." Groucho Marx. 

- The origins of cigar smoking are still unknown.  It is thought to have been originated by the ancient Mayans, who wrapped tobacco in either palm or plantain leaves.  A Guatamalan ceramic pot dating back to the 10thcentury features Mayan smoking tobacco leaves tied together with a string.

- Synonymous with extravagant taste and complex flavor, true cigar connoisseurs know where to look for the world's finest cigars.

- The finest cigars in the world are not only made with the best tobacco, they are wrapped in exquisite wrappers and hand rolled with precision and care.


Arturo Fuente Opus

- Arturo Fuente is an America cigar brand that got its start in Florida in 1912.  The Opus X BBMF has a limited production each year.  These cigars are made from tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic. $55 each.


The King of Denmark 

 At a $150 price tag, the King of Denmark is one of the world's most expensive cigars.  This is due to their limited production, about 30 per day, and personalization.  Each cigar is studded with Swarovski crystals, wrapped in gold foil and embossed with the buyer's name. 



 Gurkha His Majesty Reserve

These premium cigars carry a price tag of $750 a cigar or $15,000 a box.  Each cigar contains tobacco that is 18 years old.  To add to the complexity of the aroma and taste, each cigar is soaked in Louis XIII de Re'my Martin Cognac. 


Gurkha Black Dragon

Priced at $1,150 each, the Gurkha Black Dragon is a 2006 limited edition release comprised of the finest tobacco from around the world. 



Arturo Fuente again appears on this list.  At $7,500 per box, this cigar was created to honor Arturo Fuente's 100th anniversary.  They could only be bought in a limited edition humidor containing 96 pieces.  The tobacco inside was aged for 7 years to develop its unique flavor profile. 


Cohiba Behike 

Rarity is one of the reasons why the Cohiba Behike is priced at $18,000 per box. The company celebrated its' 40th anniversary releasing 4,000 of the hand rolled cigars and placed 40 in 100 limited edition humidors. 


Arturo Fuente Opus X

The Opus X was first produced in 1993.  In 2003, the company debuted the Opus X edition cigar to commemorate the lines 10th anniversary.  Each limited edition humidor contained 100 cigars.  At $30,000 a box, the taste is best available anywhere in the world. 


Regius Double Corona

When you purchase the Double Corona, not only do you get a cigar, but you get the change to fly to the Regius headquarters and develop your own unique blend and take home 1,000 of the your custom creations. The price for this excursion is $52,785. 


Gran Habano No.5 "El Gigante"

The Gran Habano is not only one of the most expensive cigars you can buy, it is the largest!  Up to 40 people can smoke it at a time by smoking through a specially designed tubing system.  This massive cigar is 19 feet long and weighs 1600 lbs. priced at $185,000, that's a big smoke!


 Mayan Sicars

The Mayans were making cigars or sicars since the 12th century.  These Mayan sicars are some of the most preserved ever found.  They sold for over a half million dollars at auction.  They were discovered in 2012 at a Guatemalan village and are over 600 years old. 


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