• Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) is a global exchange platform that is akin to ‘World Stock Exchange’, but is multi-asset in nature where assets could be equities, bonds, crypto-assets, currencies, commercial real estate, or derivatives. SFO is a third-generation advanced exchange platform for all tokens of value. Financial instruments can be issued (capital raisings) and/or directly listed. We envision to streamline issuance, interest rate or dividend payments, trading, clearing, settlement, custodianship, and other processes.

Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) ECOSYSTEM

  • Global financial markets on one platform. Issuers can raise capital via issuing digital tokens and list tokenized assets or NFT's.
$70 trillion
Global Equities

Equity issuers can issue digital tokens to raise capital from a global investor base or list existing companies currently trading at less liquid exchanges to gain global visibility and liquidity. These companies can be small cap, mid cap, large cap. Equity lifecycle on our platform is cheaper, faster, and automated, as processes such as book-building and dividend distribution can be encoded within smart contracts.

$230 trillion
Global Fixed Income

Financial institutions, governments, and businesses can issue different kinds of bonds on the platform; high-yield, investment grade, municipal. Recurring payments can be encoded within smart contracts, automatically calculated, and delivered periodically.

$300 billion

We are listing 100+ cryptocurrencies/assets initially and will continue to increase our offering rapidly. We will partner with market participants such as market makers and exchanges to ensure better liquidity on the platform.

$133 trillion
Global Currencies

The stablecoin market is exploding and eventually there'll be many sorts of stablecoins in the market. One that is completely algorithmic-oriented, one that is fiat-collateralized (Tether) and one that a government launches. We foresee many governments across the world launching their own digital currencies in the next 1-3 years of timeframe. We are a marketplace for all sorts of stablecoins, which would have multiple usage on our platform.

$200 trillion
Global Real Estate

Tokenization of real estate enable fractional ownership that delivers liquidity to a traditionally illiquid market. On SFO platform, an issuer can issue a commercial real estate offering to a global investor base, and assuming legal lockup requirements are met, these tokens can be exchanged on the platform even before the construction has begun.

$17 trillion
Global Commodities

Tokenized gold enables ownership without the hassle of physical storage; help investors on the platform to hedge during volatile markets. Oil is one of the most traded and liquid assets. Investors on the platform would be able to seamlessly trade tokenized oil--that is, coins backed by barrels of oil.


Introducing Smart Issuance. 

  • Smart issuance is a smart contract-based issuance mechanism when combined with Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). IEO is a direct asset listing mechanism on an exchange. The difference between IEO and Direct Public Offering (DPO) is that a DPO is simply listing on an exchange, whereas IEO enables issuance and hence, new round of capital raising.
  • Smart Issuance enables an offering to gain global visibility directly via the exchange, such that intermediaries such as investment banks are not needed to access investor base. Plus, various processes such as book-building, asset distribution, and record of ownership, are all automated.


Standardization of global capital markets

SFO provides a single global platform for issuers, investors, and intermediaries, that aims to standardize the primary (capital raising) and secondary markets (trading post-financing). A standard platform brings efficiency, transparency, visibility, and hence, reduction in time and costs.

Visibility and access

SFO being a global platform, provides visibility to issuances and tradable assets listed on its platform, that is, an instant access to a global borderless investor and trader base. Visibility to issuances and tradable assets leads to higher efficiency, faster financing, and better liquidity, as visibility harnesses a large global base of investors and traders.

Reduced role of middlemen

Issuance of digital assets on SFO issuance platform is conducted via smart contracts that automate a number of processes that have traditionally been performed by investment bankers, brokers, lawyers, and accountants. This reduces the role and relevance of these intermediaries, leading to reduction in costs & time, increased accessibility, better transparency, and lower barriers to entry.

Asset documentation on blockchain

Transparent documentation of the transfer of asset ownership to tokens is key to gain trust of market participants. SFO ensures this through maintaining a tamper-proof repository of all documentations supporting a given issuance, listing, and other asset-related information via using a blockchain platform to store these documents, that is permanent, secure, time-stamped, and tamper-proof.

Ease of asset ownership and transfer without physical ownership

Several asset classes such as commercial real estate and commodities are often very difficult to transfer requiring buyers and sellers to process a large amount of paperwork and prolonged procedures. By transferring the ownership of such real-world assets to digitized tokens, such procedures and paperwork can be partially or wholly eliminated, and exchanged in real time on SFO.

Elimination or automation of various processes

Tokens and smart contracts enable elimination or automation of various critical processes and infrastructural needs of financial markets such as settlements, share transfer, book-building, and issuance. This leads to reduced role, or elimination in some cases, of various intermediaries, manual input, and associated infrastructural needs.

24x7 Platform

Similar to crypto exchanges, SFO platform is a global platform of digital assets and hence, assets listed on the platform are open to be traded 24 x 7, thereby enabling the idea that anyone can buy anything from anywhere at anytime of the day.

Liquidity to illiquid or less-liquid assets

There are many assets such as commercial real estate that are illiquid in nature. Tokenization brings liquidity to such illiquid asset classes, thereby unlocking trillions of dollars of assets.

Social Media

Existing NFT platforms are complex and unintuitive. We've combined the familiarity of social media with the limitless potential of NFTsOur vision is to combine the power of NFTs with the world of social media. You'll have your own profile to show off the NFTs you've created or collected, and a platform to engage with a network of like-minded people.


Decentralized Finance – often referred to as DeFi – involves the shift from traditional and centralized finance to peer-to-peer and decentralized technologies built on the Ethereum blockchain. The DeFi ecosystem comprises an expansive network of financial instruments including banking, payments and settlement, lending and borrowing platforms, and stablecoins.

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