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What is a digital token?

A digital token is simply a digital asset, trackable and tradeable on an open blockchain, to which value can be assigned and exchanged, instantly and globally, peer to peer.

Why would I tokenize my business?

Tokens can be used as a means to attract funding, incentivise participation, streamline and strengthen trading partnerships throughout your business’ ecosystem.

Let’s say you operate a B2B commodity brokerage. Tokenization would present your partners with a cheaper and more efficient way to trade, improving mutual profitability, strengthening your market position and presenting others with a barrier to competition.

We can strategize with you on how best to tokenize your business and provide all the technology necessary to implement and operate tokens within your existing infrastructure.

Why would I tokenize my business idea?

Business concepts brokered on new and innovative circular economies are exceptional candidates for tokenisation because your tokens draw community interest to your project early and build value within your business as you deliver on your project.

Let’s say you have designed an innovative green technology that requires funding to get to market. Placing your product at the centre of a token driven ecosystem allows you to sell those tokens forward to interested parties and deploy the proceeds to fund your idea.

We can strategize with you on how best to tokenize your business idea and provide all the technology necessary to implement a successful funding activity and build tokens into technical infrastructure thereafter.

What is an ICO?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. Simply put it is the process by which you offer digital tokens that you have or intend to create for sale to the general public. This is most easily conceptualised as a ‘crowd-fund’, but one in which early investors are rewarded immediately with ownership of a tradeable digital commodity for supporting your project, that they can sell at any point after purchase on an open market.

Why are ICOs gaining traction?

Over the last 18 months a handful of projects have raised significant funds through ICO, which is enough on its own to capture the attention, but most agree that it’s the ‘exitable’ nature of an ICO that encourages investor participation.

For example, would you be more likely to invest in a crowd-fund for a new technical product, on the promise of early delivery of that product, or immediate ownership of digital value central to the product’s operation and/or purchase? Traditional crowd-funders’ upside is limited to ownership of the product that they pre-bought and in the meantime they shoulder the risk that the product will not materialise. ICO investors, on the other hand, enjoy unlimited potential upside and, in the meantime, can reduce or even zero their risk through sale of their tokens.

Are ICOs easy to conduct?

At its core an ICO is no different to any other funding activity, with the most compelling ideas, marketed the most effectively, generating the most investment. The are, however, some nuances peculiar to ICOs that need to be captured in planning and some technologies that are essential to enabling the funds deposit and token issuance processes.

We can advise you on every step of this process and deliver all the technology to conduct a successful and efficient ICO.

What is the Waves Platform?

Waves is an open, distributed blockchain platform who specialise in token creation and trading. They are our chosen infrastructure partner with whom our own native token, Accelero, was created.

Why do you partner with Waves?

We have a deep relationship with the Waves team, with whom we share a vision on the commercial potential of tokenisation. In addition their blockchain infrastructure is cutting edge and in our view, without peer in terms of speed and security.

Why would I want to use your ICO deposit technology?

We offer a secure, cutting edge, hosted deposit technology solution that can be integrated seamlessly into your host website, then maintained throughout your funding event, with your digital assets delivered efficiently to ICO participants at the conclusion of your funding event.

Our tech and support frees you up to concentrate on marketing your funding activity without the burden and worry of trying to do it yourself.

What other technologies do I need to tokenize?

You’ll want a consumer facing wallet solution for holders of your token – and preferably one with e-commerce baked in so that your customers can trade their tokens for your goods and services right from their mobile device.

You’ll want this wallet to interface with your existing e-commerce platform and a dashboard that allows you to configure your token program, track and monitor its performance.

We can provide all these tools and integrate our native token, Incent, to further incentivise participation – maximising your return on investment.

As such Accelero Ventures is happy to announce that it shall launch its own   platform dedicated to blockchain startups, largely focused on the DApp market, to further enable deal-flow between startups and its network of over 600 active blockchain investors in partnership with Velorate Holdings , a network with over 20,000 investors. This provides a tried and tested risk free route to market for blockchain startups seeking to raise funds within known regulatory environments.

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