Legacy Endowment

Why Choose Legacy

There are many benefits of establishing a fund at Legacy. Here are just a few:

Simple and Flexible

  • You may contribute a wide variety of assets, from simple to complex
  • You may give now, give later as part of your estate plans, or both
  • You may make grant recommendations to qualified organizations anywhere in the world

Tax Effective

  • You benefit from the most favorable tax deductions under IRS regulations
  • You are eligible for a tax deduction in the year you make a gift to your fund and then you may recommend grants over time, effectively separating your tax decisions from your charitable giving decisions

Cost Effective

  • We handle all administration tasks, so you free up your time and reduce your expenses
  • We manage our investments through our experienced Investment Committee, rather than an outside manager, which reduces the fees charged to your fund
  • We provide a low-cost alternative to opening and operating a private foundation

Investment Expertise

  • Our Investment Committee is comprised of successful investment managers that bring their global perspective to the investment of community charitable assets
  • Your contributed assets are pooled with those under management allowing for greater diversification and economies of scale
  • Our Investment Committee is dedicated to preserving your contributed assets while enabling you to maximize your philanthropic giving

Personal Service

  • We protect your donor intent, both today and in perpetuity
  • You may name your fund for yourself, your family, an organization, in memory of a loved one or choose a name that protects your privacy
  • No matter what name you choose, you can remain anonymous if privacy is important when making any gift or a grant
  • You may engage family members in the grant making process
  • We are very knowledgeable about regional issues and needs, as well as the quality organizations addressing those needs, and can assist you in making informed giving decisions
  • We are available to work with you to create grant agreements, monitor grant reporting, and arrange site visits with non-profit organizations
  • Since your interests are not always local, we can research organizations providing services in your areas of interest both nationally and beyond.

Our Funds : 

We provides a variety of ways for donors to invest money that they wish to be used for the good of the community. The most commonly used include:

Agency Funds

Agency Funds are typically established at the request of a charitable organization to provide support for the Agency’s exempt purposes, as recommended by the Agency. The Agency’s recommendations must be advisory only, and Legacy Foundation must be free to reject any recommendations.

Designated Funds

Direct charitable gifts to benefit a specific nonprofit organization or purpose. Gifts provide an ongoing funding stream for eligible nonprofit organizations in the United States. Nonprofit organizations may also begin their own Agency Endowments with Legacy Foundation, using our capabilities to accept complex gifts and to build a lasting endowment.

Donor Advised Fund

The donor enjoys ongoing involvement by working with our staff to identify possible grants that may benefit a variety of causes and organizations. The donor’s recommendations are submitted to our local board for approval, and grants are distributed in the name of the fund.

Field of Interest Funds

Focus on an important area of community life, such as enriching education, safeguarding health, strengthening families, improving neighborhoods, cultivating arts or protecting the environment. The donor identifies a personal interest when making a gift; Legacy Foundation’s board awards grants to community organizations and programs that are making a difference the area selected.

Scholarship Funds

Help students achieve their academic and career-oriented goals—from preschool to postgraduate work. With support and guidance from Legacy Foundation, donors can invest in the community’s future through scholarships. The donor determines the criteria students must meet to receive the scholarship.

Unrestricted Funds

Gift is highly flexible and available to meet the breadth of community needs—including future needs that may not yet be imagined. Legacy Foundation’s staff and Grants Committee evaluate all aspects of community wellbeing—arts and culture, economic development, education, environment, health and human services, neighborhood revitalization and more. Unrestricted gifts empower us to make strategic grants, where need and opportunity are greatest.

  • Hospital 
  • Sports Club
  • Social Aid 
  • Training for Teachers
  • Schools


Invest today,

And your Legacy will stay forever.

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