Accelero’s SaaS StartUp Funding Platform

The Trusted Platform for Accredited Investors Worldwide

For years, Sekhon Family Office ( SFO )'s Accelero has been helping angel investor groups and venture capital funds collaborate with promising startups. Over the last 12 months many startups have been funded through Accelero’s SaaS funding platform.


Angel Groups

Venture Funds

Startup Programs

Accelero is used by hundreds of angel investor groups around the world to manage their investment process. Over 200 Venture Funds use Accelero to organize and manage deal flow.

Accelero is used by a large number of universities, accelerators and incubators as part of their entrepreneurship programs.

 Use Accelero to Manage Deal Flow

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Designed Around You

Accelero offers the tools accredited angel investors, venture funds and startup programs need to get the job done. Whether you're an angel investor group syndicating a deal, a venture fund vetting a big investment, or a startup program connecting investors with top startup talent, Accelero is designed for safe collaboration.

  • Discuss Deals

    Send direct messages, receive email notifications, and maintain a log of discussions to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

  • Track Deals

    Organize and track deals effortlessly from one page using customizable workflow tools.

  • Review Deals

    Accelero makes it easy to review new deals and track investor interest.

  • Share Deals

    Invite people from outside of your organization to review, advise or join a deal.

Simple Setup

Accelero offers tools and support to ensure importing member data and setting up your account is quick and easy.

Easy to Use

Accelero’s SaaS funding platform is designed to work with your current deal flow management processes. It’s simple to use, intuitive and customizable. Work smarter, not harder.

Dedicated Support

With dedicated customer support and help guides we will ensure you get up to speed quickly.


Incorporation & Equity Management

Accelero takes founders further with incorporation, equity management, legal partnerships and more to help people start and grow high-growth companies. Developed alongside seasoned investors and startup legal experts, Accelero  provides services necessary to keep everything accurate, coordinated and investor-ready.

Start With

Incorporation & Formation as a Delaware C-Corporation
Online Cap Table Management & Stock Issuances
Founder Community & Dedicated Support

Add On

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
Introductions & Monthly Credits for Top Law Firms
AWS Credits & More Partner Discounts

What’s Private Stays Private

You always control your profile visibility, who can contact you, and who has access to your deals.
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