SFO Impact Funds

SFO Various Funds

    • Sekhon Family Office deploys capital through various types of funds. We are sector and geography agnostic. Sekhon Family Office offers registered fund products focused on the following.
    • To participate in our future fund rounds please submit your project with us here and we’ll contact you soon.
    • To get insights about our various funds, please visit our insights section here.
    • And regardless, we’d love to hear from you whether you’d like to learn more about our programs, partner with our work, or simply get to know us a little better! We look forward to hearing from you!

SFO Investing Principles

    • SFO invests for the long term because building successful, resilient businesses can lead to better returns, stronger communities and economic growth that works for everyone.
    • We invest across asset classes on behalf of sovereign funds, pension funds, university endowment funds, insurance funds, private equity, family offices and other leading institutions.
    • Providing Financial Security — We serve institutional investors around the world, including retirement systems that represent tens of millions of teachers, firefighters and other pensioners. Our investments are designed to preserve and grow our clients’ capital across market cycles.
    • Investing Globally — We invest on a global basis across a wide range of asset classes including private equity, real estate, public debt and equity, growth equity, opportunistic, non-investment grade credit, real assets and secondary funds.
    • Making a Positive Impact — We seek to drive economic growth and make a positive impact. We do this by using extraordinary people and flexible capital to help companies solve problems, and to engage with our local communities.
    • The Principles that Matter Most — Accountability • Excellence • Integrity • Teamwork • Entrepreneurship . Everything we do is guided by these principles, which define our character and culture; they have been at the core of Blackstone since its inception. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct. They are a fundamental strength of our business.
    • Our People — We focus on attracting exceptionally talented people and rewarding initiative, independent thinking and integrity. Our team’s breadth of skills and deep expertise are a critical source of intellectual capital.
    • Our Scale — Investing across regions, industries and asset classes gives us the knowledge, resources and critical mass to take advantage of opportunities on a global scale.
    • Our Performance — Our performance is characterized by superior risk-adjusted returns across a broad and expanding range of asset classes and through all types of economic conditions.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria For Firms / Projects considers following criteria 

Evaluation of prospective applicants considers the following criteria:

  • Real revenue and demonstrated product market fit
  • High growth with strong business model fundamentals
  • Large commercial market with potential for scale
  • Growth-stage companies with plausible exit routes
  • Experienced management team
  • Investments with like-minded DFIs, strategics, and/or private equity or venture capital firms
  • Sound legal structures and appropriate governance
Evaluation of prospective fund managers considers the following criteria : 
  • Strategy: Investment thesis, origination capability, pipeline, structuring, value creation, exit thesis, and competitive positioning.
  • Team: Geographic and sector experience, alignment, culture, governance, processes, record of collaboration, reputation, leadership, and depth of team; first-time managers and/or pioneer strategies will be considered
  • Track record: Attribution, value creation, value recovery, lessons learned, and relevance to fund strategy
  • Fundraising: Potential and capacity to close with limited partnerships compatible with SFO. 
  • Fund terms: Strong governance and economic alignment, as well as ability for co-investment participation

Investment Process

  • SFO will determine which applicants are selected for further consideration based on close alignment with the evaluation criteria outlined above. The selection process is extremely competitive, and SFO receives proposals from many highly qualified managers. SFO does have the capacity to support all the worthy funds that apply.

    FUND 1 - SFO Infrastructure Fund

    • Lack of infrastructure is the primary constraint on economic growth. Lead times associated with infrastructure development mean that decisions taken now will shape the world of the future. Increasingly, therefore, we consider ourself as natural partners to various government worldwide with effective models for co-working between the public and private spheres.
    • We have taken significant steps to bring impact investing into the infrastructure mainstream, addressing the pressing need for sustainable infrastructure globally.
    • This move is part of the firm's broader strategy to address the pressing need for sustainable infrastructure globally.
    • By investing in infrastructure projects that prioritize sustainability, SFO Foundation is not only generating financial returns but also creating long-term positive impacts on communities and the environment.
    • One example is SFO Foundation’s investment in renewable energy infrastructure. The firm is financing wind, solar, and hydroelectric projects that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, SFO Foundation is involved in developing sustainable urban infrastructure, such as energy-efficient buildings and smart city technologies, which enhance the quality of life while minimizing environmental footprints.
    • All infrastructure that we develop has emphasis on securing ease of living which constitutes*
      • Water Security ( safe drinking water ).
      • Energy Security ( access to clean/affordable energy ).
      • HealthCare Security ( healthcare for all).
      • Mobility Security (modern roads, railway stations, airports, seaports, amphibian ports, cruise terminals bus terminals).
      • Habitats Security ( smart urban/ rural / social infrastructure).
      • Food Security ( agriculture & irrigation infrastructure ).
      • Connectivity Security ( digital infrastructure ).
      • Education Security ( world-class educational institutes).
    • Designing / Financing and Building of infrastructure of the needed scale is where we come in with our experience of building pan country and pan global economies of scale.

      FUND 2 - SFO Net Zero Fund

      • Our recent net zero fund highlights the strong demand for opportunities combining financial returns with positive environmental impacts.
      • This fund focuses on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable transportation, supporting innovative technologies and business models accelerating the global transition to a low-carbon economy.
      • This fund aims to invest in projects and companies that are committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions.
      • By channeling capital into these areas, SFO is playing a crucial role in the global transition to a low-carbon economy. The fund also supports innovative technologies and business models that have the potential to accelerate the achievement of net zero goals.

      FUND 3 - SFO Energy Fund

      • Our Energy Fund aims to increase access to energy through investments in electricity generation in emerging markets.
      • By targeting renewable energy sectors such as wind, solar, and hydro, and investing in gas technologies, we address the urgent need for reliable and sustainable energy in regions with limited access to electricity.
      • This approach includes significant socio-economic benefits, such as job creation and support for the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

      FUND 4 - SFO Social Impact Fund

      • Our SFO Social Impact Fund seeks to provide clients with access to "double bottom line" investments offering both financial returns and measurable social impact. It addresses pressing social challenges while seeking risk-adjusted financial returns.

        Investment Strategy

        • Neighborhood Building: Investments that support the development of mixed-use projects that can transform the built environment through the provision of quality affordable housing, healthcare facilities, schools, vital community space, and neighborhood-serving retail.
        • Job Creation and Social Enterprise: Capital to for- and non-profit businesses and intermediaries that catalyze job creation and economic growth, and bring critical services to disadvantaged communities.
        • Social Innovation Financing: Financing to support the delivery of social, financial, and educational services for low- and moderate-income communities through innovative funding models, including social impact bonds.

        Team and Expertise

        • SFO Social Impact Fund is managed by an experienced and proven team with expertise in social impact investing and structuring complex public/private partnerships. Having committed significant capital since its inception, SFO believes it is uniquely positioned to source, evaluate, and execute impactful and return-generating transactions.

         FUND 5 - SFO Hydrogen Investment Fund

        • SFO Hydrogen Fund is set up to support green hydrogen infrastructure projects through strategic advice, capacity building and funding, in view of contributing towards decarbonising the industry sector through green hydrogen and its derivatives.
        • It supports climate change mitigation and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
        • Transforming the global energy system and industrial sectors is essential in the fight against climate change.
        • Renewable energy has a great role to play in climate action, but it alone cannot meet the challenge posed by the need to decarbonise sectors such as the cement and chemical industries as well as air and sea transport.
        • Green hydrogen has great potential to address this shortfall. With the support of the SFO Hydrogen Fund, projects receive funding support for green hydrogen projects and the technical assistance needed for the projects to achieve bankability and come to fruition.
          • Hydrogen Vehicles
          • Hydrogen Fuelling Infrastructure 
        • As we stand at a pivotal moment in our global environmental journey, the shift towards a sustainable energy future is more critical than ever. With countries like Japan leading the way in hydrogen technology, the stage is set for transformative changes across the globe. Harnessing this momentum, the SFO Hydrogen Investment Fund is strategically positioned to propel this movement forward, turning potential into action.

        Japan’s Leadership: A Blueprint for Global Hydrogen Adoption

        • Japan's rapid adoption of hydrogen technology sets a compelling precedent for the rest of the world. With significant advancements in hydrogen applications from transportation to industrial processes, Japan exemplifies the economic and environmental benefits of this powerful energy source. This proactive approach provides a scalable model for global energy transformation, demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of a hydrogen-powered future.

        The Role of SFO Hydrogen Investment Fund 

        • At the forefront of this energy revolution is the SFO Hydrogen Investment Fund, which offers more than just capital. The fund is a beacon of innovation and support, dedicated to advancing green hydrogen infrastructure projects that promise to redefine energy standards globally. By providing strategic advice, capacity building, and essential funding, the fund is a key player in accelerating the transition to sustainable hydrogen energy.

        Investment in Infrastructure and Technology

        • Green Hydrogen Projects: The fund focuses on financing the development of green hydrogen production, which utilizes renewable energy sources to significantly reduce carbon emissions.
        • Hydrogen Vehicles and Fueling Infrastructure: Supporting the creation of hydrogen fueling stations and the deployment of hydrogen-powered vehicles, the fund is helping build the necessary infrastructure for a hydrogen economy.

        Driving Decarbonization Across Industries 

        • The transition to green hydrogen is crucial for decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors such as cement, chemicals, and heavy transportation. The SFO Hydrogen Fund strategically targets these industries, providing the necessary financial backing and technical expertise to foster innovation and reduce global carbon footprints.

        FUND 6 - SFO Global Impact Fund

        • SFO Global Impact Fund seeks to deliver long-term capital growth by investing in companies that generate a measurable positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. The fund targets a broad range of sectors, including clean energy, affordable housing, education, healthcare, and financial inclusion.

        Key Investment Areas 

        • Clean Energy: Investments in renewable energy projects such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power.
        • Affordable Housing: Financing for the development of affordable housing projects that provide safe and stable homes for low-income families.
        • Education: Supporting educational initiatives that improve access to quality education in underserved communities.
        • Healthcare: Investing in healthcare facilities and services that enhance the health and well-being of disadvantaged populations.
        • Financial Inclusion: Providing capital to financial institutions that offer services to underserved communities, promoting economic inclusion and stability. 
        • Focus on Outcomes: Prioritizing investments that deliver measurable social and environmental outcomes.
        • Stakeholder Engagement: Actively engaging with stakeholders to ensure investments align with community needs and priorities.
        • Transparency and Accountability: Maintaining transparency in reporting and holding the firm accountable for delivering on its impact commitments. 
        • Sustainability and Innovation: Investing in businesses that offer sustainable and innovative solutions to global challenges.
        • Long-term Value Creation: Focusing on investments that provide long-term value for both society and investors.
        • Active Engagement: Engaging with portfolio companies to promote best practices in environmental, social, and governance issues.

        SFO Private Equity Fund

          • We play a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential. We uncover and unlock value by identifying great companies with untapped potential and enhancing their performance.
          • We invest across industries in both established and growth-oriented businesses across the globe.
          • Our Portfolio — We are proud of SFO’s role as a positive economic catalyst for the companies in our Corporate Private Equity portfolio. We work to identify, invest in and enhance the value of great businesses.
          • Disciplined Due Diligence — Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value. We engage only in friendly transactions and work with talented management teams to achieve positive results.
          • Transformative Impact — We strive to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, global relationships and operational support can drive transformation.
          • Staying Power — When we partner with a business, we focus on building it to last. Our staying power, drawn from the scale and breadth of the platform we’ve grown over 35 years, helps our companies withstand market cycles and succeed for the long term.

          SFO Real Estate Fund

            • We are a global leader in real estate investing. We seek to utilize our global expertise and presence to generate attractive returns for our investors in any environment, and to make a positive impact on the communities in which we invest.
            • We invest thematically in high-quality assets, focusing where we see outsized growth potential driven by global economic and demographic trends.
            • Our Portfolio — Our real estate portfolio includes logistics, rental housing, office and life science office, hospitality and retail properties around the world.
            • Conviction — Our vast portfolio provides us with proprietary information across every major real estate asset class in virtually every major market around the world, allowing us to identify themes and invest capital with conviction.
            • Connectivity — Our people are our advantage allowing us to identify the opportunities and limits of each potential transaction through one investment review process.
            • Scale — Scale is one of our greatest strengths. The breadth of our existing portfolio gives us differentiated perspectives across sectors and geographies, while our significant discretionary capital base enables us to execute large and complex transactions.
            • Our Strategies — Since we started investing in real estate in, the growth of our business across both products and geographies has expanded our ability to provide practical and diverse solutions to our limited partners. We have invested successfully through all market cycles and across the entire risk spectrum.
            • Opportunistic — Our opportunistic business seeks to acquire undermanaged, well-located assets across the world. In connection with these acquisitions, we build businesses that are set up to manage the underlying properties and ultimately maximize their value by instituting best-in-class management. Post-acquisition, we also invest in the properties to improve them before selling the assets and returning capital to our limited partners.
            • Core — Our Core+ strategy features stabilized real estate with a long-term investment horizon and moderate leverage, where we can unlock additional value through focused asset management. Our funds focus on logistics, residential, office and life science office, and retail assets in global gateway cities. Our non-listed REIT, focuses on income-generating assets primarily in the top 50 U.S. markets.
            • Debt — Our real estate debt business provides creative and comprehensive financing solutions across the capital structure and risk spectrum. We originate loans and invest in debt securities underpinned by high-quality real estate. We manage a leading real estate finance company that originates senior loans collateralized by commercial real estate.
            • Real Estate — Real Estate Income Trust, Real Estate Income Fund, Mortgage Trust

            SFO Credit Fund

              • We are one of the world’s largest credit-oriented asset managers, with a focus on delivering capital preservation and attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients regardless of market conditions.
              • We invest in public and private corporate credit instruments across multiple strategies.
              • Our Portfolio — We seek to make companies stronger by providing capital when other funding is unavailable or where our expertise and scale enable uniquely flexible capital solutions.
              • Team — Our business, has a deep reservoir of credit and industry expertise across the entire range of market cycles. Our senior investment professionals have an average of 21 years of industry experience.
              • Scale — Scale allows us to provide financing solutions that enhance a corporation’s financial flexibility, while capturing opportunities our investors might have otherwise missed. Our capital has supported a wide range of companies, enabling businesses to expand, invest, and navigate changing market environments.
              • Solutions — The solutions we offer are not often available elsewhere in the credit markets. Their breadth is our competitive advantage — drawing upon a wide range of disciplines, including loans, high yield and investment grade bonds, structured credit, mezzanine lending and rescue financing.
              • Our Strategies — Our activities range from investing in public debt that offers attractive risk-adjusted returns to providing private capital to companies. This allows us to maximize potential in various market conditions, and in times of both stability and volatility.
              • Loans, High Yield and Investment Grade Bonds — Our U.S. and European loan, high yield and investment grade bond strategies rely on bottom-up fundamental analysis and investing discipline. Given our scale as one of the largest CLO managers in the world, we are also able to source differentiated investments and commit capital in size.
              • Systematic Strategies — Through acquisition of of pioneering companies in deploying a technology-enabled, fundamental based, systematic approach to credit investing, we manage additional strategies across global investment grade, high yield, and emerging corporate credit markets. We can now offer a full range of fundamental discretionary and systematic credit solutions to our clients and believe the combination of these fundamental based approaches further strengthens and differentiates our credit investment capabilities.
              • CLO Investing — We have a dedicated global CLO investing team that utilizes both proprietary technology and the expertise of our large credit research team to invest in primary and secondary CLO opportunities. The team evaluates all parts of the CLO capital structure, from investment grade notes to equity, across many different managers in the U.S. and Europe to seek the best risk adjusted returns for investors.
              • Direct Lending — We provide privately originated, senior secured, floating rate loans to U.S. and European middle market companies. We partner with these firms and their sponsors to understand their businesses, address their challenges and support their long-term strategies.
              • Mezzanine — Our mezzanine business has a flexible mandate that provides privately negotiated capital to companies in connection with leveraged buyouts, acquisitions, recapitalizations and growth financings. Our expertise in these areas helps companies navigate change while generating attractive returns for our investors.
              • Stressed / Distressed Debt — We partner with stressed and distressed companies, both public and private, to solve balance sheet problems. Our rigorous investing approach is designed to preserve principal while offering flexible capital solutions where they are needed most. Stressed Assets — Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs), Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs).
              • Energy — Deep industry expertise underpins our energy business, which provides capital solutions for performing and distressed energy companies. By operating across the capital structure, we can respond quickly and creatively to companies’ needs.
              • Credit — Growth / Business Development Companies, Closed End Funds, Interval Funds, Exchange Traded Fund, Listed Funds.

              SFO Hedge Fund

                • SFO invests in alternative investment strategies for leading institutional investors and sophisticated individuals, seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns to meet our clients’ investment goals.
                • We provide access to alternative investment strategies through portfolios of hedge funds, registered liquid funds, direct investing, manager seeding and general partner ownership.
                • Partnership — We seek to build strategic partnerships with our clients, creating solutions designed to meet their specific objectives. Additionally, by forging long-term partnerships with talented investment managers and leveraging our position in the industry, we strive to negotiate attractive terms for our clients.
                • People — Our deep and experienced team has the expertise to access differentiated exposures across a spectrum of alternative investment activities. The quality of our people is a key driver of our success.
                • Position — Our scale and breadth of relationships, coupled with Blackstone’s global reach, allow us to better identify, evaluate and implement new investments. Our size also gives us the ability to negotiate customized mandates and improved terms with managers, which directly benefit our investors.
              • Our Strategies
                • Hedge Fund Portfolio Solutions — We build customized portfolios of alternative investment strategies. As a market leader in hedge fund solutions, we have built lasting and valuable partnerships with underlying managers. Our rigorous process for evaluating managers and opportunities is critical to our success.
                • Registered Funds — We deliver institutional-caliber investment exposures to individuals and their financial advisors in easily accessible, registered funds that employ the same disciplined investment process and utilize the same experienced team that has long served our institutional clients. Our liquid, open-end and closed-end funds provide access to some of our largest manager relationships.
                • Special Situations — We directly invest in special situations and other differentiated opportunities that we source through our vast network. The size and scale of our platform, combined with our deep relationships across the industry, give us access to interesting deal flow and idea generation. They also provide us with considerable resources to research and manufacture new exposures.
                • General Partnership Stakes and Seeding — We seek to partner with talented managers at all stages of their life cycles. We provide seed capital to emerging managers to help them grow and stabilize their businesses, and we acquire minority stakes in established managers, serving as a strategic partner to help them build enduring franchises.
                • Hedge Fund Solutions — Closed End Funds, Mutual Funds, UCITS Fund

                SFO Stressed Assets Fund

                  • Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)
                  • Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs)
                  • Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs).

                  SFO MSME / SME Finance Fund

                    • Early Stage SME Finance
                    • Lines Of Credit
                    • Partial Credit Guarantees
                    • Supporting women owned SME’s

                    SFO Women Empowerment Fund

                    The Women Empowerment Fund at SFO is deepening impact by Investing in Women. Our Gender Lens investing includes initiatives with 

                      • Women as business owners; 
                      • Women as business leaders (such as CEOs); 
                      • Women as employees; 
                      • Women as customers; and 
                      • Women in the supply chain.

                      SFO Americas / EMEA / APAC Growth Fund

                      Our Growth Funds is focused on middle / upstream market businesses based in the Americas / EMEA / APAC . We look for opportunities to invest in businesses with:

                        • Enterprise values ranging from $10 Mn to $50 Bn,
                        • Attractive growth prospects,
                        • A crisply identified Value Creation Hypothesis and drivers, and
                        • High quality management teams seeking a meaningful post-deal ownership stake in the companies they operate. 

                        SFO Disaster Management Fund

                          • Natural Disasters
                          • Wars
                          • Pandemics
                            • 360 Degree Vaccine Solution - Vaccines, Funding, Innovative Cold Chain.Access to vaccines is key to altering the course of the pandemic and helping countries move toward a resilient recovery. Vaccines are a key element in how we return to school, to work, and to growth. To get a vaccine into someone’s arm, there is a whole system of interdependent actions that needs to function properly. We are working together with the international community and partners to accelerate the rollout of 360 degree COVID-19 vaccine solution comprising of
                            • 360 Degree Vaccine Solution - Vaccines, Funding, Innovative Cold Chain.Access to vaccines is key to altering the course of the pandemic and helping countries move toward a resilient recovery. Vaccines are a key element in how we return to school, to work, and to growth. To get a vaccine into someone’s arm, there is a whole system of interdependent actions that needs to function properly. We are working together with the international community and partners to accelerate the rollout of 360 degree COVID-19 vaccine solution comprising of
                              • Any Vaccine
                              • Full Funding for vaccines available for government procurement
                              • Innovative end to end cold chain solution including first mile to ship vaccines to your country and its last mile delivery as well
                              • Oxygen plants, concentrators, ventilators, cylinders, gloves, masks and all PPE.
                            • To participate please submit your requirement here or here To get insights about our various funds, please visit our insights section here

                          SFO Wellness Fund

                            • Even in the world’s most crowded cities, people need a respite. It may seem counterintuitive but Sekhon Family Office Wellness Fund is about to place a wellness hospitality property smack in the middle of most metropolitan areas.
                            • Our fund shall invest with several of the world’s top wellness brands who are moving beyond their roots in idyllic locations to set up shop in big cities.
                            • These new wellness ventures in urban locations are a result of the overwhelming global interest in wellness and the increasing evidence that being healthy is not a preserve for the wealthy.”
                            • These properties will offer creative wellness programming, including options for social wellness. Its wellness on steroids (to mix metaphors).
                            • We shall continue to open Wellness retreats where the people (and affluence) are: cities. Consider: the urban population has grown from 751 million in 1950 to 4.9 billion in 2021—and the UN forecasts that it will rise by another 2.5 billion in 2050!
                            • More travelers will choose serene wellness destinations when they visit cities, and more people nearby will stay too: Not everyone can get to that remote island resort.
                            • Many of our urban wellness resorts will be part hotel, part membership club, and part wellness residences, creating a whole new kind of wellness community and a smart business model that means extraordinary properties that get funded easier.
                            • We look for big growth where urbanism is booming: for instance, Asia and North America.

                            SFO Impact Fund

                            • Through our SFO Impact Fund, we are using our own capital to make equity investments in "TRIPLE bottom line" private sector companies that are applying innovative solutions to help address some of society's most pressing challenges.

                            • We typically coinvest alongside other investors in the venture capital ecosystem, making equity capital commitments ranging from $250,000 to $10 million across the seed to pre-IPO stages. Investments are primarily made in companies that have demonstrated proof of concept, secured prior rounds of funding and exhibited the potential for scale. We primarily, but not exclusively, invest in four verticals: Workforce Development, Sustainability, Financial Inclusion, and Physical and Social Infrastructure, with a focus on Housing, Transportation and Healthcare.

                            • We are actively seeking opportunities to invest in businesses that are led or owned by women and minority entrepreneurs to help combat the gender, and race gaps that exist in the VC-funded startup world. As part of this commitment, early-stage seed investments are primarily allocated to businesses that are led or owned by women and minorities. 

                            • DONATE HERE As Much As You Can Today.
                              • SFO Foundation is the Impact Investing / CSR arm of Sekhon Family Office. Our Initiatives go beyond the regions where our Sekhon Group businesses operate.

                              SFO Metaverse SPAC / Fund

                                • Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) is first of its kind blockchain-based Governance, Capital Assets, Commodities, Luxury, Fashion, Financial Services, Glamour, Media & Entertainment ( GCACLFFSGME ) platform intended for convenient and transparent interaction of companies and customers in the GCACLFFSGME segment through METAVERSE technologies. This is an innovative solution for the Digital-elite, Wealthy people demanding to the level of comfort, quality of service and confidentiality.
                                • Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) helps you to build Capital Assets in all industries, Wealth Management, Run Family Office Processes, Plan a trip or a Business Trip, Buy/Rent a premium business jet, car, yacht, helicopter or luxury real estate and make expensive purchases anywhere in the world across the METAVERSE of GCACLFFSGME.
                              The Metaverse Opportunity 
                                • Accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the virtual and augmented reality market, upon which the metaverse is based, will grow in value from US$46.4 billion in 2019 to US$1.5 trillion in 2030.
                                • Our mission at SFO is to accelerate the emergence of an open, decentralized metaverse by investing in the infrastructure that are the building blocks of our digital future. 

                              Developments So Far

                              Our Funding Of The Metaverse

                                • Our Metaverse Fund / SPACS are focussed to capitalize on the influx of innovation and resources being channeled into the META ecosystem.
                                • Our funding is tied to a virtual world known as the metaverse.  Our Metaverse Fund / SPACS  strives to build a robust portfolio of investments that underpin the development of the metaverse.
                                • To be a part of this new-age financial domain, SFO has decided to raise a fund which will run a series of $500m each SPAC's that will exclusively focus on METAVERSE. In other words, this SPAC allows investors to pre-buy the future performance of an intangible asset, which is something that has never ever been done before in the whole history of financial services.
                              Our Metaverse Fund invests in nine themes
                              • Two investment groups focused respectively on Cloud Computing and VR / AR / MR.
                              • Six groups linked respectively to Online Gaming, Online Payments, 3D Design Tools, Platform Businesses, Mobility and the Luxury/Fashions Goods Industry.
                              • One group on Non-fungible tokens and associated technologies enable the formation of the metaverse - a virtual environment where people will live, work, and play - through their ability to give users true ownership in the digital world. We shall invest across the entire non-fungible capital stack, focusing on three types of investments – early-stage venture equity, tokens, and direct NFTs
                              Our Metaverse Fund / SPAC is likely to be 10 times oversubscribed, and investors who would like to be considered for a potential investment in the Metaverse Fund / SPAC can send an email through the contact form.
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