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  • What would you do with more life in your lifetime? We're on a mission to find out.
  • SFO - Longevity Life Sciences © ( privately held ) is a SFO-founded research and development company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies and model systems to increase our understanding of the biology that controls human aging. We will use that knowledge to devise interventions that enable people to live longer, healthier lives, anti age and reverse age / reverse diseases of aging. 
  • We are not a traditional biotechnology company, nor are we an academic institution. We look to combine the best parts of both without the constraints of either.
  • We are asking difficult questions about how we age and the diseases associated with the aging process. To find answers requires a long-term perspective, a relentless focus on understanding the basic biology of aging, utilizing or inventing state-of-the-art technology, enlisting advanced computing capabilities and nurturing a culture and values that guide the big and small decisions we make every day.

Our Progress 

  • The desire to conquer aging is an old one. Humans have always been fascinated by the idea of cheating death. 
  • We’ve looked to everything from religion, the planets, cryogenics and even the mythical fountain of youth.
  • While we were searching the heavens, science and all the corners of the Earth, the secret of immortality may have been floating in the ocean this whole time. In the form of a jellyfish.
  • Using an integrated model, we cover the entire aging market with a variety of advanced therapeutic interventions that target the biology of aging to treat multiple indications.
  • The ultimate goal is to therapeutically target aging itself and prolong the human lifespan. 
  • Two decades ago our initial goal was to shift the entire research from curing sickness to keeping people in perpetual state of wellness.
  • We are done with hope and promise. We are at the point between having promise and realizing it. With the following patents awarded, our goal is to make 90 years as the new 50 of age by 2030. 

Our Patents 

  • PATENT 1 - Drugs and treatments that can make a person functional and free of the diseases associated with aging for as long as possible.
  • PATENT 2 - Transdifferentiation of senescent cells, which stop dividing in humans as they age. 
  • PATENT 3 - Enhanced Cell plasticity to enhance the ability of cells to change their phenotypes without genetic mutations in response to environmental cues. 
  • PATENT 4 - Repurposing junk DNA while classifying exons and introns as “intragenic” and everything else as “intergenic.” 
  • PATENT 5 - Genetic and Epigenetic mechanisms to regulate aging related gene activity in real time without modifying the DNA sequence.
  • PATENT 6 - Transformative advances toward understanding living systems and extending human life.
  • PATENT 7 - Restore some of the functions that had been lost in older cells.
  • PATENT 8 - Proteome diversification as a fundamental physiological aspect of tissue fate and function. 
  • PATENT 9 - Restore cell health and resilience through cellular rejuvenation programming to develop life-extending therapies for humans.
  • PATENT 10 - Highly accurate molecular biomarker for aging .
  • PATENT 11 - Use AI, machine learning, and data in improving efficiencies in their development of therapeutics and medicines for Longevity. 
  • PATENT 12 - Stem Cells , cellular aging, cloning, and telomerase.
  • PATENT 13 - Medicines that restore youthful regenerative capacity in humans, with the potential to halt and treat a range of diseases related to aging.  Regenerating heart, brain, muscle, and other tissues damaged by age-related diseases such as stroke and diabetes . 
  • PATENT 14 - Cryogenics . 
  • Many more in the pipeline.


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