About Us

  • Sekhon Family Office is a Fiduciary to Global Family Office Clients. Our team offers institutionally scaled investment services that range from single mandates to multi asset solutions, tailored portfolio analytics leveraging our smart real time technology and market insights provided through research reports and investment forums.
  • Sekhon Family Office’s ( SFO ) dedicated team leverages the resources, relationships and insights to help family offices achieve their objectives across a full range of private and public markets. 
  • SFO understands the inherent complexities that come with managing extraordinary wealth. We provide cutting-edge technology that helps you make the decisions that will matter for decades to come.

We partner with family offices to help them reach their most important goals

  • Preserving wealth for future generations - Our focus on investing for the long term and our commitment to risk management help family offices to maintain and grow their portfolios.
  • Maintaining consistent cash flow - In today’s low-yield world, we help family offices source higher yields from less traditional income sources in both public and private markets
  • Outperforming public markets - We offer unparalleled access to alternative assets that can provide differentiated and diversifying returns.
  • Luxury, Fashion & Adventure  - Maintaining a lifestyle of luxury, fashion & adventure. 
  • Events Of PowerWe offer a variety of events that allow family business promoters to engage with. similar people worldwide and debate around wealth, spending, topical issues and to make better informed investment decisions.
Our clients range from entrepreneurs, high-profile individuals, to significant wealth-holders, governments, bureaucracy and diplomacy. To these clients we provide our services segregated into the following shops. 

1. Sekhon Family Office SFO - Family Office Shop 

  • Sekhon Family Office is a global boutique consulting firm. We guide our clients with strategy for global business expansion.  We provide the right resources to maximize our clients business potential to increase their revenues.
  • Sekhon Family Office’s clientele also includes governments.  We work closely with various governments to explore possible synergies between governments and corporations
  • Family businesses are unique. Surrounding each decision you take, there are strong family values that often make the path difficult.
  • Sekhon Family Office understands the dynamics of a successful business and will work with you to provide tailored advice.
  • And it's not just about business – we'll support every member of your family at every stage of their lives.
  • The consortium of investors understand the needs of the business and are taking a long-term view, to ensure the longevity of existing assets and drive growth
  • Equity Owners with In-depth Knowledge Of The Business And Operations Due To Previous Ownership and a Long-term Focus
  • Equity Owners with Strong Sector Knowledge and Expertise
  • The Consortium has a long history of acquiring companies together
  • Highly Experienced and Diverse Management Team Backed by Equity Owners with Indepth Knowledge of the various sectors in which we hold Companies

2. Sekhon Family Office SFO - Luxury Shop  

  • When you shop at SFO Luxury Shop you’re shopping pieces from luxury brands and boutiques around the globe, expertly curated for you by the SFO team. Our brand and boutique partners are located everywhere from Tokyo to Toronto, from Milan to Miami - we only work with the very best in the business. This unique model guarantees you a huge range of pieces to shop, from established luxury brands to the most interesting new designers. Within that range you'll find unique styles that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We express ship from our partners to over 190 countries worldwide so you’ll receive your order before you know it.
  • SFO  enables buyers to find items for sale and charter across the luxury/fashion lifestyle. Our listings come from selected professional manufacturers , dealers, brands, advisors chosen for their outstanding inventory and reputation.

The world's smartest luxury marketplace:

  • SFO lets visitors search, browse and compare listings placed by car, yacht, watch, jet, helicopter and motorcycle dealers from around the world. We connect buyers and sellers . We believe in the power of the internet to create transparent, global markets. Cross-border buying, arbitrage and other advanced tactics have been in the arsenal of astute buyers for many years. SFO opens these possibilities up to everyone. Our focus is to bring buyers and sellers together regardless of where they are in the world, enabling great deals to be made.
  • SFO brings the best advisory services providers to the buyers . These specialize in every possible advisory role and are enabled by a state of the art platform of due diligence and Fin-tech. 

The Best Deals:

  • SFO is the world's first marketplace to span across product categories and offer high-end items / services from manufacturers / dealers / brands / advisors across the world. Our cutting edge technology lets you find and compare listings, ensuring that you get the best possible deal on whatever it is you are looking for, from yachts to submarines.


  • SFO focuses on only the high-end of each category to ensure that amazing listings are showcased in the way they deserve and that buyers find exactly what they are looking for. We screen each manufacturer / dealer / brand / advisor and listing to ensure they are "ABUNDANT" enough.

The Company : 

  • SFO was founded specifically to take advantage of the lack of a truly global marketplace for high-end goods. Operating without ties to traditional print media or industry groups, we can focus on offering our dealers and visitors the best possible service. We have a worldwide perspective that sets us apart, with headquarters in Mumbai, India and representation in the USA.  SFO was founded by an experienced group of entrepreneurs with a proven track record of successful ventures, we are privately owned with strong financial backing.

3. Sekhon Family Office SFO - Fashion Shop 

  • SFO is an online fashion , luxury and accessory boutique, selling products sourced from all over the Globe. 
  • It  is the destination for latest fashion that features the latest trends and vintage collections for men and women who live free through fashion, art, music, and travel.
  • The brand offers a wide range of products from apparel, to accessories, intimates, outerwear, home, and beauty – all reflecting a high level of quality, invoking attributes of femininity, masculinity , spirit, and creativity in its design, while creating the perfect festival clothing.
  • The vintage collections are exclusively available and are bursting with rare personality and eclectic history.
  • When browsing the site, it’s a great way for customers to get styling inspiration and see how every item -- from maxi dresses and jeans, to leather jackets and sweaters.
  • The SFO mobile app also integrates with online store,  and makes online shopping, and style sharing, easier than ever.
  • SFO is distributed globally via direct channels, including the SFO Global site
  • Future plans are to create global sites as well as at specialty clothing boutiques, top department stores, and the brand’s free standing retail locations to be built.
  • The company offers free standard shipping on orders over $100 USD in the US, Canada, and Australia, and ships orders to over 100 countries worldwide.
  • We have sourced our collections from those who we feel share our passion to deliver amazing design at incredibly affordable prices. 


SFO is:   

  • a breath of fresh air.
  • a mecca for style savvy.
  • a curator of gorgeous sartorial design.
  • a world class fashion and luxury store.
  • a universe of advisory services.
  • a ecosystem of immersive experiences.
  • Uniquely designed with cosmopolitan appeal, SFO gives couture-conscious  exactly what they want—unprecedented access to the latest looks of the season, style solutions for easy international jet setting, and convenient worldwide delivery. Since its launch SFO has solidified its standing as the new essential luxury. Its pages are filled with exquisite finds for fashion,  luxury and home.
  • It has quickly established itself as the premiere online shop for the world’s rich and famous, offering the most exquisite luxury items associated with a wealthy lifestyle and their wealth / investment management . From cars, jets, helicopters and yachts to luxury estates around the globe, watches and jewelry. SFO has hand-picked only the finest and most exclusive products to cater to the needs of its intended customers, real winners.
  • Originating from an idea to connect family offices with the latest in lifestyle and expression, SFO sought out to find a manner to make it into an actuality and offer its customers  a slice of the good life.

Own Story:

  • Own collection is at the heart of what we do and who we are; experience pure style, combined with a complete wardrobe solution. Want to look sharp at work or be the hippest one at the club? No problem! Flaunt the SFO Own range every single day, everywhere you go.

Exclusive International Labels:

  • Passport expired last year? Air fare not pocket-friendly? No relatives or friends abroad to send you those trendy clothes? With SFO’s exclusive collection of international labels, get your global fashion fix. Delivered right to your doorstep, free shipping and no custom duty either.

Specially Curated Collections:

  • How is SFO different from other sites promising to make you look good? We don’t waste your time! Don’t browse through tons of products for just a handful of good stuff. SFO’s handpicked collection will make you want to buy it all, in half the time.

The Indie Experience:

  • Want to look different but still shopping off the rack? Experience fashion in a new avatar with the Indie Collection. North, South, East, and West, we’ve scoured the globe for artisan’s pride and joy. P.S.: It makes you look cultured too!

Smart Lab Collection: 

  • SFO’s Smart Lab is a line of functional clothing and accessories designed to keep up with your fast-paced life. Cut and crafted keeping in mind the little details that make all the difference – whether you’re a work-station warrior or an on-the-go trooper – the Smart Lab line’s got your back.

SFO Tech Tab: 

  • SFO brings style and technology together on an exclusive platform on the website. The Tech tab is where you can shop for the latest lifestyle gadgets and tech products to amp up your style game. Because when life’s getting smarter, why not style?

Rest assured, any shipping delays will be communicated and note our average delivery time is between 1-3 weeks however in very rare instances, delivery can take up to 4-6 weeks if the delivery is intercontinental. 

Remember to keep an eye on our Social Media pages too, where we will have regular new product releases and giveaways! 

Thanks for visiting and please reach out to us via the Contact Us page with any queries or questions. 

It's also worth noting that multiple-products ordered may not be shipped together from our distribution in Asia or delivered on the same day but do reach out to us and we will update you all the way :-)

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