Spas and Thallasotherapy

Thalassotherapy, from the Greek thalasso meaning ‘sea’ and therapia meaning ‘treatment’, uses the healing and beneficial properties of the sea and the marine environment for your health and wellbeing.

A visit to a thalassotherapy centre – known more familiarly as a thalasso – is a similar experience to that of visiting a spa except the emphasis is not only on relaxation and beauty but also on healing. Expect qualified professionals and a menu of treatments to choose from all from the comfort of your privileged seaside location. Think invigorating sea air, mineral-rich seawater and marine-based products rich in trace elements and antioxidants...

A six-day thalassotherapy cure will ensure you optimise the benefits of your treatment however a little weekend away or even a one-off treatment will leave you feeling invigorated, revived and refreshed. Administered by qualified physiotherapists (massages, rehabilitation in or out of the pool) and by hydrotherapists (baths, showers, seaweed wraps), all you have to do is lie back and relax .

 Hydrotherapy (seawater at 37°)

Spa bath: thousands of tiny bubbles provide a re-mineralising massage, rich in trace elements, to relax and calm the nervous system.

Seaweed bath: laminaria seaweed tones the body while replenishing essential elements such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace elements.

Multi-jet bath/Hydromassage: a bath which incorporates a gradual massage, using several jets programmed to target different areas of the body. Treatment relaxes the muscles and joints, and aids and improves circulation.

Affusion shower: the relaxing and restful effect of a fine spray of warm mineral-rich seawater.

Jet shower: toning and firming, it effectively combats cellulite. The physical effect is accentuated by the  high salt content present the seawater.

Underwater shower: an underwater drainage massage that uses the regulated flow of jets to target circulatory problems or ease and relieve painful joints.

Underwater jet: a jet of heated seawater that massages, relaxes and stimulates the circulation and helps weight loss.

Hand and foot treatments: hot and cold baths for the hands and feet to improve circulation and relieve painful joints.


Seaweed wraps: applied in thick layers, seaweed has remarkable re-mineralising, slimming and relaxing effects.

Seaweed baths: rich in trace elements, they restore balance, re-mineralise and help fight stress.

Marine muds: the marine elements in these warm muds penetrate the skin and help give effective relief for the symptoms of rheumatism.

Cryotherapy: the lower limbs are wrapped in seaweed to provoke a sensation of intense cold, making the blood vessels contract and improving the circulation. 


Gentle exercise: exercises performed in or out of the pool to restore or maintain the suppleness of the body.

Electrotherapy: the use of different frequencies of electricity on certain areas to obtain an analgesic and anti-cellulite effect. Also relieves painful muscles and drains tissue.

Massages: treat muscle spasms, circulatory problems and improve the elimination of toxins from muscle tissue. They provide complete relaxation.

Rehabilitation: a specific programme of treatments, prescribed for the after-effects of accidents, sports injuries or surgery affecting joints and the spine, or in the case of postural problems in adults and teenagers.

 Other treatments

Seawater/ionised water sprays: by diffusing a fine spray rich in negative ions, they detoxify the respiratory tract and have an anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and sedative action.

Lymphatic drainage: improves lymphatic circulation by gentle manual pressure on different areas of the body. This treatment reduces water retention and cellulite.

Pressotherapy: a physical treatment that improves the circulation.

Shiatsu: this Japanese massage has a revitalizing effect, through the pressure exerted with the fingers on the meridians (channels through which energy circulates).

  • Thermal Spa, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz (Bad Ragaz, Switzerland)
  • Wellness Spa at COMO Shambhala Estate(Bali, Indonesia)
  • The Spa at Canyon Ranch (Tucson, Arizona)
  • Thalasso del Forte at Forte Village Resort (Sardinia, Italy)
  • Remede Spa at St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico) 
  • Spa at Chiva Som International Health Resort (Hua Hin, Thailand)
  • Aman Spa at The Connaught (London)
  • Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora (French Polynesia)
  • Spa at Rancho La Puerta (Tecate, Mexico)
  • Spa at The Chedi Andermatt (Andermatt, Switzerland)


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