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Services for Family Office:

  1. Token Issuances : Specializes in regulated token issuances and innovative capital raising mechanisms. Maintains stakes in companies it helps finance and utilizes its network of expert advisors to help those companies grow.
  2. Continuing Support: Selects its partners carefully and maintains equity stakes in the companies it works with. We provide ongoing support through management and advisors, and serve on the boards and advisory boards of portfolio companies.
  3. Valuable Network: Develops opportunities for shareholders to participate in financing rounds conducted by the company and its partners, including venture rounds and co-investments.
  4. Managed Regulatory Risk: Ensures full compliance with AML/KYC, accredited investor, and other regulations pertaining to securities issuance and trading in the U.S. and elsewhere.
  5. Global Reach: Can access investors globally in the traditional investment arena as well as in cryptocurrency. Our tokens will be marketed to investors globally, as permitted by local regulation.
  6. Liquid Secondary Markets: Working with partners to develop secondary markets for its tokens in the U.S and other key venues to ensure liquidity in its tokens once trading is permitted.
Services for ICOs: 

Advisory & consultancy services to address the very individual needs and requirements that may arise on your business path to success”

  • Pre-ICO Funding
  • Financial Structuring
  • International Tax
  • Corporate Finance
  • Trust & Fund Management
  • ICO Structuring
  • Crypto Financial Vehicles
  • Startup Management
  • International Projects
  • Corporate Management


We apply an academic overlay of "alpha filters" to our investment methodology. If applied correctly, our filters guarantee perpetual alpha and exponential returns.

  1. INNOVATION - Disruptive Technologies - We look for innovative and transformative ideas. Whether in Blockchain technology, biotechnology, or artificial intelligence, we seek companies who can disrupt their industries utilizing new technology.
  2. MISPRICED ASSETS - Cyclical  Investing - The biggest opportunity for value creation is in the buy. We will use our capital at times of market contraction and disgorgement to buy low, thus getting the best return for our investment.
  3. SOCIAL IMPACT - Impact Returns - We invest with an understanding that ideas with the greatest social impact will also deliver greater and more permanent financial returns.
  4. FINANCIAL ARCHITECTURE - Perpetual Ownership - We seek to invest in companies we would be pleased to hold in perpetuity.
  5. HUMAN CAPITAL - Mindful Intentional Aligned - Self-aware leaders who are mindful and act with intention and integrity have greater potential to lead their companies to success. We understand that social change and extraordinary ideas originate in the mind. We therefore invest in companies with mindful leadership.
  • SPEED LEDGER is an electronic OTC trading platform specializing in creating markets in multiple digital asset classes, including traditional cryptocurrencies, regulated securities tokens, real estate, and others.  SL’s initial product will be OTC cryptocurrencies, with a focus on institutional-sized markets. Between SL and our partners, we offer an electronic market, brokerage and custodian services for both traditional crypto currencies and regulated securities tokens.
  • Custody Crypto Assets & Fiat with any one of our custodians ensuring the safety of your funds and security and certainty of trades.
  • Electronic Order Book with API Access enables our clients to automate OTC trades.
  • Security Tokens Eligibility provides traders with access to a completely new universe of asset classes.
  • To become an approved participant, you must submit required KYC information. Additional requirements such as accredited investor status may be required to trade certain securities tokens.
Trading & Settlement:
  • Once you are approved as a counterparty, you will be allowed to fund your account with fiat or cryptoassets with any one of our custodians. You can use the electronic order book to place trades and settlement is instantaneous. You can choose to keep your proceeds within SL OTC to continue trading or request a withdrawal.
Initial Products and Timeline:
  • SL OTC Markets will launch with USD-BTC and USD-ETH pairs only.  Other pairs will be added over time.  Test trades for initial customers will begin on September 10, 2018, with live trading beginning in early October.
Securities Token Trading :
  • We offer a platform for the initial sale and secondary trading of tokenized securities in a regulatory compliant manner.
  • We own a FINRA and SEC registered Broker Dealer whose principals have decades of compliance experience and the company’s placement team has overseen in excess of $10 billion in corporate financings.
  • We have extensive partnerships in the industry. These partnerships include Transfer Agents, ATSs, Exchanges, and financial technology providers.

Unlike traditional investors who invest and wait, hoping for appreciation of their assets, Sekhon Family Office ( SFO )  will take an active role by applying strategic and technological solutions to their businesses. This could mean using data analysis to accelerate business development and customer growth or tapping into our public sector relationships to integrate a partner’s water purification technology into a municipality’s resiliency planning. Unlike a traditional consulting firm, we don’t deliver expensive memoranda; we deliver revenue-generating results. By maintaining investment stakes in the companies we seed, Sekhon Family Office ( SFO )  will benefit from the growth and success of our partners.

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