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Invest in Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) Startups : 

  • Diversify your investment portfolio with access to highly curated and personalised startup's deal flow from across the globe.
  • Build a diverse portfolio of early-stage startup investments Private and oversubscribed deals.
  • Professional Investors : For family offices, institutions and financial professionals.
  • Deal-by-deal Investments : Invest alongside notable lead investors to access top deals
  • Invest in a Startup Fund : One investment gets you exposure to 100+ startups.
  • For StartUps : Discover and Connect with global strategic investors to raise funds for your Startup with ease.

Invest in Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) Startups Fund

Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) is pleased to offer accredited U.S. investors* the opportunity to invest in one or more of our funds. We are currently accepting a limited set of investors to the following funds:
  • Fund 1 - regional fund focusing on SE Asia
  • Fund 2 – regional fund focusing on the Middle East and North Africa
  • Fund 3 – regional fund focusing on Vietnam
  • Fund 4 – regional fund focusing on Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam 
To learn more about our fund offerings, please provide us with some information here about yourself and your interests. Our investor relations team will review your application and may contact you for further information. If you are selected, you will receive access to our investor presentation and related fund materials via CapLinked, our third-party platform partner. You will also have direct access to the Sekhon Family Office ( SFO )  team to answer any questions you may have about the fund(s) and/or our organization in general.
If, after reviewing our fund materials, you decide to pursue an investment in one of our funds, you will receive a request for accreditation verification from, another third-party partner we use.  The accreditation verification process will be focused on either your annual income or net worth (for individuals). As an individual, you can qualify as an accredited investor by either (a) having more than $200,000 in annual income for each of the past two years (or $300,000 with your spouse) and a reasonable expectation of earning the same this year or (b) having a net worth of at least $1 million (not including your principal residence).

Invest in Moonshots around Disruptive Doubling Pattern with our Scalerator :

Innovators have a choice that greets them at the start of every day: They can choose to take an idea and run with it as far and fast as they can, or they can simply let it remain an idea forever. We choose to run, at our Scalerator Accelero and we can help support you if you make that same choice.

In fact, moonshot companies need a lot of support to harness an idea and turn it into something tangible. Every day brings a new challenge, a new pain point, and a new chance to abandon it all for something safer. That’s where our Scalerator comes in. It’s the safety net that will give your idea a fighting chance to thrive. From leadership training for founders, to structure and foundation for companies, to a powerful ecosystem for innovation and execution, our Scalerator program nurtures and develops the startups that dare to turn a moonshot idea into a minimum viable product and ultimately a sustainable startup or nonprofit. We don't stop there and help them to become a minimum viable company and hence we call ourself a Scalerator ( Accelerate and Scale ). 

SU Incubator journey

We have extensive research available on the next UBER or next AIRBNB which is available for Family Businesses to build Next Generation Businesses.

 Categorization of Moonshot Around Doubling Patterns :

  1. Category A : Exponential Inflection Point in next 6 months.
  2. Category B :  Exponential Inflection Point in next 12 months.
  3. Category C :  Exponential Inflection Point in next 18 months.
  4. Category D :  Exponential Inflection Point in next 24 months.

Further categories are also available as per the Family Business Vision to position themselves in a particular Disruption.

To learn not just to survive, but thrive this race in the 21st century, and many more strategies in our conclaves click here.

To participate in the Moon Shots, click here

To learn more about moon shots, click here

To adopt exponential growth business models/technologies, click here.

The next COHORT of our StartUp Scalerator has companies ready to ride the Doubling Patterns.  To invest and be part of the DOUBLING REVOLUTION click here

WebSite : 

  1. Family Business Summits Website

YouTube : 

  1. Family Business Transformation Summit
  2. Styling Family Businesses for 100X Growth
  3. Building Limitless Organizations for Family Businesses
  4. The Luxury, Fashion and Financial Services Marketplace
  5. Family Business Transformation Conclave Invite !!!
  6. Summers New Mood I Sekhon Family Office ( SFO )  

Built for Entrepreneurs Like You :

Accelero Ventures works with startups at the intersection of exponential technologies and global impact. Our programs provide the know-how that can accelerate breakthroughs with support in an “all-you-can-engage” format for as long as you’re in business.

After years of experience working with our portfolio companies, we’ve learned that startups focused on impact need more than an accelerator. What moonshot innovators need is support to create long-term sustainability, because it takes time to solve big problems.

So we’ve reinvented the way we work with startups—and changed the game for traditional accelerator and incubator programs.

We’ve mapped our entire approach to focus on the three key outcomes to help your startup achieve long-term success: Capital, Customers, and Connections. We offer multiple exclusive bootcamps, sprints, and other programs that go deep and aren’t available anywhere else.


We provide bootcamps that focus on teaching founders how to raise and leverage various types of capital to create growth, scale, and sustainability in impact-focused startups.


We help for-profit startups understand how to find and apply for grants (i.e., non-dilutive capital, aka free money!). We explain the best ways to work with grantmakers, how to factor in foundations’ grantmaking priorities, and how to position your proposals to win funding.


We also teach founders how to raise money from investors. We work through the basics like cap tables, term sheets, funding stages, fundraising tips, and pitfalls, but we don’t stop there. We also share high-stakes negotiation strategies, explore investor risk assessment methods, and reveal how to decode investor questions.

In addition to bootcamps, we also support your startup with facilitated warm introductions to our extensive investor and funder networks that ultimately open new doors.


A well-architected pilot with clear metrics and feedback loops can launch a startup’s success and accelerate the product development lifecycle. Our programs are designed to help you foster and innovate early pilots and partnerships. We bring together corporates, startups, and development organizations (we call them Impact Partners) to work with you to develop pilots, field trials, and partnerships.


Well-placed connections and timely introductions are game-changing for startups. All Accelero Ventures programs are strengthened by tailored mentorship designed to help your startup address specific challenges, scale your impact, and get to market faster. Accelero offers a stellar network and dedicated community of mentors.

Board of Advisors

We have a large and diverse group of marquee mentors, renowned faculty, F500 corporate partners, staff, and alumni. You will receive a carefully curated board of advisors matched to domain expertise, stage, and specific needs of your startup that will work with you to uncover new opportunities for your business.

Mentor Community

You will gain access to specialized expertise and wisdom from our network of over 500 well-connected mentors. Through selective matching with knowledgeable and enthusiastic experts, you will expedite your progress toward your critical milestones. This support not only helps you rapidly iterate and problem-solve, but it also promotes personal development and dramatically expands your professional networks. Many of our mentors are successful entrepreneurs and investors with deep domain experience and, equally important, are driven by a desire to make an impact on the world. 

Ecosystem Sandbox

Accelero Ventures provides valuable connections and opportunities to work with investors, foundations, corporate partners, development organizations, incubators, accelerators, and others in the startup ecosystem. We understand that impact startups need a supportive environment where they can test, prototype, iterate, collaborate, and learn from others with expertise they need. Uncommon partnerships can open the door to pilots that enable startups to de-risk technology, test, and learn from rapid feedback cycles to build for product market fit.

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