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  • SFO New Economy Early Stage Investment Platform (ANEESIP) is a platform for nurturing the emergence of a new economy, one that challenges the status quo to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. By building networks, innovating and promoting investments, together we can realize a new economy.
  • An economy that maximizes human well-being, and is capable of coping with and adapting to global environmental change.
  • The (ANEESIP) mission is to catalyze this new economy so that it can create new opportunities, through the cultivation of relationships, experimenting and changing the current narrative.
  • This is done through a platform where actors connect, a community of practices grows and emerging solutions spread.
  • Stories of innovations on the ground are shared, the economic narrative is changed and a critical mass of change makers is being built.

ANEESIP is rooted in FOUR pillars of MOONSHOTS around 

  1. Industrial Revolutions >>
  2. Doubling Patterns >>
  3. Collaborative Commons >>
  4. Social Commons >>

The platform helps with


  • We are here with a singular goal: “Creating an ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs build great next generation businesses to accelerate Human Existence and Experience” through a globally competitive 12 week cohort based accelerator program to shape their disruptive ideas in a resourceful setting under the acute eye of world renowned leaders across academia, industries and functionalities.
  • At Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) , we are catalyzing a unique entrepreneur ecosystem which rests on the tripod of talent, technology and trust. We spot and encourage ‘talent’, help them harness their ‘technology’ and back them up by putting total ‘trust’ in them.
  • SFO Ventures is a global seed accelerator, started in March 2017. It is a spawning ground for emerging “UNICORNS”.
  • Our vision is to become a fully integrated and value added Accelerator Platform that creates the right ecosystem for the entrepreneurs and creates the best investment opportunities for the investors.

Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.

  1. Build connections that last a lifetime
  2. Meet our mentors
  3. Secure smart investments
  4. Easy access to global resources
  • Seed Money .
  • Interim C-Suite Officers .
  • Marketing and Sales Office in NYC .
  • PR Services with the leading publication brands .
  • Working Space .
  • Global network with Ambassadors , Sovereign Wealth Funds .
  • Building World Class Boards .
  • ICO Execution support .
  • Access to exclusive subject matter events
  • Investor Penthouse Cocktails .
  • Networking with the Richest of the Rich .
  • SFO Ventures develops technical placement solutions including digital tokens that are backed by advanced smart contracts, which we operate through digital asset placement and brokerage platforms. In addition to that, we are also in the process of developing our own crypto-currency exchange which will employ best technology and compliance strategies.
  • Companies, that are looking to raise funds through digital assets such as tokens, have more options than ever before. It behooves them to seek after the best talents available in the industry. SFOVentures has the resources to make it happen.
  • The ever increasing crypto currency market has many hurdles to navigate through. We believe we can provide the best advice, best practices, best analysis and best execution to achieve a company's full potential in an offering through our network of mentors, industry veterans as well as experts.

We offer following most important services:

  • We work with you from beginning to end in delivering the maximum capital raise while being compliant in all phases.
  • We will connect you with our network of investors, reach out to otherpotential investors and will manage your PR during the offering.
  • We will help create smart contracts, analyze them and digitize them with your team.
  • We will help get the best resources such as exchanges, placement platforms, funds, asset distribution, escrow services and necessary brokerages
  • We will help create the offering materials such as whitepaper, company materials, networking and distribution acting on your behalf as issuer for balance sheeting your digital assets.
  • We will develop necessary materials such as business narrative, marketing, company profile, business plan, revenue plan etc.
  • We will oversee the issuing process, issue the offering and provide complete reports at every stage.
  • We will ensure Risk Management, KYC, AML and Compliance Guidance.

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard . Our execution metrics talk about our implementation .

 Startups Taken Funded Investments Done Successful Exits
368 70 % 254 32

We are accepting new startups

  • Think you’ve got a good business proposition?
  • Think you just need some best in business processes and genuine contacts across the spectrum of the tech ecosystem to drive scale?
  • Get in touch – we’ll help you get there…
  • We will be taking applications for new batch starting in December 2018 .
  • Will you use your investments to change the world?
  • We are a a permanently capitalized holding company that provides individual and institutional investors a historic opportunity to create economic growth and catalytic social impact.
  • We invest in the critical areas of human need (renewable energy, green real estate development, affordable housing, gender equality, technology and information, waste reduction and food and agriculture) in a multi-strategy investment approach throughout the entire capital structure.
  • Our focus is on companies with proven science and technology with the potential for hyper-growth as well as on mispriced assets. We bring value to our investments with not only capital but also our expertise in creating and measuring social impact.
  • We need to think bigger. We need to embrace the notion that capitalism is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, and if we build and invest in businesses that have an explicit social purpose, we can create sustained change on a scale we’ve only imagined.

What we do : 

  • Creates partnerships with asset operators rather than fund managers.
  • Provide appropriate architecture and strategic capital to our operating partners.
  • Align incentives and interests with operators to promote long term partnerships.
  • Focus on enterprise value and tax deferral benefits that accrue to companies.
  • Invest in assets of need such as real estate and energy, which have infinite duration and asymmetrical return.
  • Apply the teachings of Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway to assets that should be owned for decades.

We believe that fundamental outperformance can only occur in one of three ways:

  • Hyper growth industries - innovation
  • Mispriced assets
  • Creating better financial architecture “Structural Alpha”

The end result is that Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) is a collection of operators who invest across a diverse set of assets of need. We receive equity in each company that we invest in or create, which enables us to offer co-investments to our shareholding partners.

  • Energy / Power 
  • Finance / Credit
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estate
  • Communication / Media
  • Technology / Big Data
  • Education / Innovation
  • HeathCare
  • Food / Water 
  • Security 

Our Strategy

  • We look at early-stage investment opportunities in entrepreneurs and their businesses. However, we also recognize that the earliest and equally important investments are those that are made in individuals by providing them with the resources they need to succeed.
  • The development of infrastructure and access to education and basic public services are not only necessary for sustainability and development in the long-term but also to serve as the foundation and catalysts for entrepreneurial opportunities today. After all, political stability, access to resources, and educated consumers are significant drivers of the success of our investments.
  • And public funding is often simply not enough, and political reform and implementation could take years to decades.
  • We believe private investment can supplement where public investments fail to deliver. We seek businesses that are dedicated to serve and provide basic resources and services such as housing, clean water, healthcare, telecommunications and educational services to invest and foster the growth of individuals and the companies they represent.
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