What is SFO Ventures?

  • SFO Ventures helps startups scale up to a minimum viable product by providing them with the critical resources that they need. It has a 4-month immersive program where startups gain access to funding, business mentors, technical and design experts, plug and play office space and other resources. SFO Ventures works with entrepreneurs and helps them with mentoring. Startups also get access to mentors for product feedback, marketing and technical guidance.

What will I get out of the SFO program?

  • Corporate Leader NetworkWe facilitate engagement with Corporate Leader Network when we believe the startup is ready and there are synergies that could result in a pilot test. However, the corporates and the startup will finally determine the nature and extent of such a mutual engagement.
  • Mentorship: Our pool of mentors include successful entrepreneurs, prolific investors, industry experts and  business leaders with diverse experiences to help you scale up your business. In addition, executives and technical experts  are available on a regular basis to provide early feedback and opportunities to the startups.
  • Funding: We provide an option for startups to take investments from us during the early part of the program. At the same time, we also conduct funding workshops and closed door interactions for startups with prominent investors from the ecosystem.
  • Resources: We provide you with a plug and play co-working space for the duration of the program to help you create a robust and scalable business. Startups also get access to Our Media Group for product feedback, marketing and technical guidance.

How is the program structured?

  • It is a 4-month long immersive and structured program. We have a range of activities and events that include investor connect, mentor program, speaker series, media coverage and workshops/sessions on topics such as customer development, product management, operational plan development, etc.

 What is the selection criteria for the program?

  • We select startups based on their team, technology, market opportunity, scalability and alignment with our value pools. Ideally, the startup should be a registered entity, have a strong founding team consisting of a mix of business and technical expertise with some market traction.

Do you think our company is too early / late to apply?

  • Preferably, the startup should have achieved product market fit and be ready for scale up. For example, a B2B startup should have 3+ paying customers and a B2C startup should have 1000+ users. However nothing is too far along or too early. Each startup is important to us and we look at each application on a case by case basis.

 What is the commitment required from a startup?

  • Time: At least one co-founder is expected to attend the sessions spread over 4 months on a one-week per month basis plus one-week for Demo Day. They will also have to be available for the weekly review meetings in person/call/video conference. The team can work from the co-working space for the duration of the program subject to a maximum of 4 members per startup.
  • Cost: We take 7-10 % equity and offer other value added services for additional equity in the company. However, startups need to make their own boarding, lodging & travel arrangements.

How will my IP be protected?

  • Once selected for the program, we will sign a startup accelerator agreement which covers the confidentiality clause. We don’t stake a claim on any IPs developed by the company before, during or after the program. 

How does SFO Ventures help me raise funding for my startup?

  • We provide an option for startups to take investments from us during the early part of the program. At the same time, we also conduct funding workshops and closed door interactions for startups with prominent investors from the ecosystem.

We don’t need funding , can I still participate in the program?

  • Yes, you can. We understand that not all startups require funding. Some just need acceleration services which we provide.

Where will the program take place?

Will the information in my application be treated as confidential?

  • Your application must include only non-confidential information. Please do not submit any business plans, trade secrets, or “secret sauce”. All information disclosed to us in your application will be considered non-confidential public information. SFO Ventures will only treat information as confidential if the information is covered by a formal, written confidentiality agreement signed by SFO Ventures prior to disclosure.

Anything else I need to know from a legal perspective?

  • Your application to SFO Ventures program doesn’t create a contract or other relationship between us, and you won’t receive any compensation for your application.

We are accepting new startups for the 2018 program

  • Think you’ve got a good business proposition?
  • Think you just need some best in business processes and genuine contacts across the spectrum of the tech ecosystem to drive scale?
  • Get in touch – we’ll help you get there…
  • We will be taking applications for new batch starting in every December.
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