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  • The exceptional growth of the world’s wealthy population over the past 10 years, combined with increased globalization of goods and services, has created intense competition for the engagement of those individuals in the very high net worth (VHNW) and ultra high net worth (UHNW) wealth tiers.
  • At SFO, our mission is to uncover and understand the profiles of the world’s wealthiest individuals, from their personal background, sources of wealth, and personal networks, to their interests, passions, and hobbies.  This unique wealth intelligence provides our clients with insight into where, when, and how to effectively engage this highly sought after population.
  • SFO partners with prestige brands across financial services, luxury, not-for-profit and higher-education industries to fuel strategic decision-making in sales, marketing and compliance.

  • We have developed the world’s most extensive collection of records on wealthy individuals and produce unparalelled data analysis to help our clients uncover, uderstand, and engage their target audience, as well as mitigate risk.

  • Business development can be daunting in any market, but for prestige organizations seeking a select group of ultra high-spending clients or donors, just a handful of warm prospects can be the difference between exceeding targets or missing them altogether.
  • The ultra wealthy are defined as individuals with a net worth of $30m or more. Winning new ultra high net worth (UHNW) clients or donors requires a great deal of trust, and there are no shortcuts to building it. UHNW prospects present a unique set of challenges and typically have greater demands on their time. They consequently have more demanding and distinctive standards. Because of these unique preferences, UHNW individuals require an elevated approach for effective engagement.

  • Connecting to the genuine passions and interests of an UHNW prospect allows you to capture mindshare, winning a place in their attention and establishing an initial level of trust. While standard prospecting approaches are far less likely to succeed, the right approach requires finding the best engagement points — those that are based on a deep knowledge of each UHNW prospect.

  • Finding these points of engagement and connection is a vital first step toward cultivating relationships. Behind every major sale or gift lies a significant amount of time and work invested in creating that relationship.

  • As the leader in UHNW prospecting, SFO has developed a number of best practices and strategies for prospect engagement that have opened doors and built lasting connections for hundreds of our clients.

  • Our approach is built on three key principles: Discover, Research, and Engage. Each of these sections will help you build a successful roadmap for UHNW prospecting, providing you with a concrete action plan to turn formerly unreachable targets into long-term clients or donors.

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