Sell Side Advisory

  • Sell-Side Advisory Services for Your Assets Portfolio :
  • Are you wondering whether the time is right to sell your software or technology company?  

Sell-Side Advisory

  • Owners of middle-market private companies often face the frustrating challenge of not having a clear understanding of how, when and where to realize the value they have built in their company. When owners desire to sell all or a part of their company, they have difficulty both knowing the market value of their company and “making a market” through which they can realize a premium valuation. To solve this problem, we closely manage and lead a sell-side process focused on each client’s unique situation and goals, based on three crucial considerations for success:

Underwriting & Packaging

  • We combine our extensive industry and M&A experience with detailed financial, market and valuation analysis to gain a deep understanding of our clients businesses, including the business model and unit economics, strengths and weaknesses, relevant micro- and macro-economic industry trends, growth drivers and strategy, and historical and current financial performance. Based on this analysis, we work closely with our clients to project future results, and become a well-educated advocate for our clients in order to present the Company in the best light during the market making process.

Marketing & Negotiation

  • We utilize a comprehensive process based on extensive relationships with financial (private equity) and strategic (corporate) buyers and years of experience in uncovering buyers and buyer strategies to find the right universe of buyers for each engagement, fully exploring all possibilities including those that may be unconventional suitors. By leveraging a competitive market process and a broad range of well-qualified buyers and investors, we increase the odds of both a premium valuation and a successful close.

Due Diligence & Closing

  • A thorough due diligence process and project methodology ensures an environment that maintains healthy competitive pressures and deal momentum. Many M&A advisors withdraw during this part of the process, we press in. We develop a detailed project roadmap that we carefully execute to achieve a smooth and timely close with minimal disruptions to our clients and their companies.

Other Services

  • Through our sell-side advisory services, clients achieve a professionally managed transaction process that grants access to multiple well-qualified buyers, creating a competitive market that delivers premium value and a higher probability of closing. This is accomplished with the client’s end goals in mind and with minimal disruptions to our client’s business.
  • Perhaps you’re thinking about retiring soon, or cashing out to maximize the return on the investment you’ve made in growing your business. Or maybe there’s a division or subsidiary or asset that is no longer strategic to your plan that you’d like to divest?
  • Our advisors have helped hundreds of companies to work through these decisions. In fact, the majority of the work we do is providing sell-side advisory services to clients.
  • Many of our conversations with prospective clients begin with coaching on how to best prepare their company for a sale in order to achieve maximum value. We often start working with companies many months, or even years, in advance of their eventual sale.
  • Our advisors look at a wide range of internal and external variables surrounding your software or technology business and help you to position your business for an exit that meets your goals. Some of these factors include a review of current market conditions, and personal goals and objectives, as well as a review of valuation expectations, deal structure, tax implications, and your management and employee concerns.
  • A key determinant in driving the best offer is creating a competitive environment where multiple interested and qualified buyers are participating. Without more than one potential buyer, there is no leverage, and no driving reason for a lone buyer to increase an initial offer.
  • Our team will guide you through every aspect of the selling process and provide coaching through each step. We combine a highly diversified and extensive database, industry knowledge, and research capabilities, with multi-pronged marketing campaigns to attract and qualify numerous strategic buyers to your deal.
  • We are also able to function effectively as a buffer between buyers and sellers when negotiations get strained.

Our sell-side advisory services include:

  • Investment banking
  • Equity research
  • Sales & Trading
  • Commercial & Corporate Banking
  • Attracting Multiple Qualified Strategic Buyers
  • Strong Negotiating Skills
  • Innovative Deal Structuring
  • Creative Problem Solving

Our objectives in each transaction are:

  • To uncover the “hidden” (off balance sheet) value that your company has. This is important for companies as their value could lie in their IP or Reputational Capital, their Human Capital, their Customer Capital, their Process Capital, their Stakeholder Capital  and their market share.
  • To identify buyers who will offer the best price and terms.
  • To structure the process to provide flexibility so that a number of offers from a variety of parties can be brought in and evaluated in a reasonable timeframe.
  • To organize the process so that the vendor’s management team can focus their primary efforts on managing and growing the business without being unduly concerned about the divestiture process.
  • To maintain confidentiality to the greatest extent possible.

Let’s talk about selling your assets.

Sellside M&A

  • Since our founding, we have built a legacy of delivering exceptional M&A advisory services. Our knowledge of the intricacies of the M&A process, depth of industry expertise, strength of our professionals and global network of relationships support our singular focus – exceeding expected results.
  • Our services are designed specifically to extend the capabilities and compliance of owners, executives and directors to help companies complete strategically important transactions and maximize shareowner value. Whether a Sale, Merger, Reverse-Merger, Divestiture, Spin-off/Split-off, or Going Private Transactions, we manage a process designed to maximize economic and strategic value. Typical stages of the process are:
  • Determining the potential valuation range for the business
  • Preparing descriptive materials describing the business
  • Identifying and prioritizing potential financial and strategic buyers
  • Developing and implementing the appropriate marketing strategy
  • Contacting and educating potential buyers on the opportunity
  • Receiving and evaluating offers
  • Performing due diligence
  • Developing a management presentation
  • Negotiating key terms
  • Assisting in documentation
  • Receiving appropriate and necessary approvals
  • Closing the transaction

Other Sale Transactions

  • Genesis also assists with corporate defense, negotiations with suitors, identification of alternate bidders, implementation of rights offerings, technical support or a fairness opinion. 
  • Typical activities include

    • Developing and executing a response strategy
    • Performing due diligence
    • Identifying alternative purchasers or "white knight" partner, if necessary
    • Helping negotiate the transaction
    • Assisting in documentation
    • Providing a fairness opinion, if appropriate
    • Closing a transaction, as applicable
    • Advise corporate clients on major transactions
    • Facilitate raising capital, including debt and equity
    • Advise on mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
    • Win new business (build relationships with corporates)
    • Market and sell securities
    • Create liquidity for listed securities
    • Help clients get in and out of positions
    • Provide equity research coverage of listed companies
    •  Perform financial modeling and valuation
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