Moon Shot Thinking

In a world that is growing exponentially, linear thinking approaches shall not take your Business to the next level.



Moore's law is one example of many.


 Moore's Law has shown a resilient consistency even in the face of recessions. The reason behind this has been the doubling patterns observed in the price performance of many technologies / disruptions that are marring various industries. 

 Computing is an Accelerating Technology : 

Our organizations of 20th century are not designed to last in the 21st century and shall go toast in sometime if they do not reinvent their businesses. 

Family Businesses today are facing the threat of Exponential Business Models of the so called Limitless / Boundary Less Organizations / Unicorns like Uber and Air Bnb.

Uber and Airbnb like disruption is on the verge of happening to Textiles, Diamonds, Real Estate, Healthcare, Waste Management, Power, Engg, TMT and all those 60 odd sectors of every economy worldwide. Even Uber and Airbnb might get disrupted as new entrepreneurs with exponential business models prepare to disrupt the legacy business environment.

Information Technologies ( of all kinds ) double their power ( price performance, capacity, bandwidth) every year. Every legacy business when powered with exponential technologies which are exhibiting doubling patterns leap frogs into a new universe. 

Where are these doubling patterns deceptively emerging to disrupt your Business Model, how can you spot them early to avoid getting disrupted and instead get positioned to ride the disruption towards a 10X growth the way Uber and Airbnb rode the doubling trends in their respective industries.

Is that just the only Holy Grail of Business Existence or Fortune 500  companies like BlackRock/ Morgan Stanley / Goldman Sachhs /  Uber / Airbnb / DeBeers / Wyndham / Rumpke Consolidated / DLF / CVS Health / Shell / Exxon Mobil are doing something more to stay in Business for the next many hundred years.

What are the Family Offices of every billionaire like Rockefellers, RothSchilds, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Sergei Brinn, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Dilip Sanghavi, Ratan Tata, Carlos Slim and all those on the Forbes Billionaires List planning to do as the "NEXT BIG WAVE" to ride.

How did the Richest People in the History of this Planet make and sustain their wealth ? Mansa Musa was 400 Bn by Net worth. Dale Carnegie was 310 Bn by net worth. What has been the science of wealth creation historically and how can you position yourself in this list ?

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