a week in review

So much has happened in the past week, I hardly know where to start. NYC is now my home away from home. The first week and a half working the new job is officially under the belt, last week spent at the home office in NYC, and this week the pleasure of working from home. Quite honestly, I don’t know which I prefer. The flashing lights, exciting nights, and endless new adventures of the city will always make me feel alive.

But then again, being able to work in my PJ’s isn’t bad either…

In review, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have the best of both worlds for the time being, and plan to spend a great deal of the new year practicing appreciation for all of the many blessings in life – especially the people who have truly impacted me in so many beautiful ways.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | white denim c/o:PARKER SMITH | kicks:ADIDAS ORIGINALS | hair extensions c/o:IRRESISTIBLE ME | iphone case c/o:GMYLE | rosegold bar ring c/o:STAR HARVEST | rosegold pearl ring c/o: STAR HARVEST | lipgloss tube c/o:PARIDIS BASICS


Speaking of review (and getting back down to business) if you follow me on Insta, you’ve had the first look… I tried hair extensions for the very first time. Something I’ve always wanted to test out, and thanks to Irresistible Me, finally had the chance. And since it’s something pretty new and different, I thought I’d take the time and give you all a proper review in case you’ve thought of trying them out yourself.


First observation: holy cow they send you a lot of hair. Being a complete newbie on the topic, I was expecting a couple of small bundles that could be added underneath my hairline to give some extra length. But nope… held in my fist, the pony was thicker than all my hair combined. Which is great if you’re looking for volume. Took a before-and-after shot so you can see the difference. I look like a lion. #fierce #rawr



Also worth noting, the extensions are made of real hair (kind of creepy) but, worth the chill factor when you see how well they blend in. Hair has never been my primary focus when getting ready for the day (mostly coffee is), but it is definitely one of those things that’s been on my resolutions list to spend a bit more time on… (maybe this year something will click). And if you’re looking for a fun way to amp it up, you should definitely check out their selection. #vavoom


Also had a bit of fun this past week… Parker Smith sent me a second Christmas with the surprise of two new pairs of skinnies in the mail. The white pair is on now, and you’ll be seeing the other before too long. They’re a favorite source for denim, and these basics are going to get a lot of wear. Gmyle also was on point with gifting, and put a smile on my face with this new wooden iPhone case (now if I could just quit loosing my phone).


Wrapping up with the rest of the deets, I’ve been totally coveting all of the beautifully white posts of the Adidas Originals, and finally had to break down and buy a pair for myself. I’m never taking them off. Also rocking new bling from Star Harvest Jewelry, going steady with my love for Rosegold into the new year. You’ll be seeing these beauties again. And packaged just as pretty, Paridis Basics has a new line of copper-tubed lip-balm that’s both lip quenching and Insta-worthy. You can get yourself a tube on their fresh new site here.


Officially finished what I believe may be my longest post of all time (this is what happens when I get caught up and away from you for so long). Hope you’re eyes are still seeing straight, and can’t wait to catch up with you all. #cheers

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