Costa Rica sunshine and the true meaning of luxury

Something about the sun warms not only our skin, but also the soul. Hello blog world. The last couple of months have taken me to Nashville, Vegas, Atlanta, Milan, Lugano, and Costa Rica. Wrapping up an intense travel season, I have a moment to reflect on the adventures had and memories made. Here’s another snippet from Costa Rica – an annual international travel tradition with myself and a few friends.

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photography:JOSH WOLFE MUSIC | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | denim shorts:LEVI | location:VILLA TRANQUILA, COSTA RICA

Each year, we choose a new destination where we enjoy all of the local food, sights and leisure we can soak up in 10 days. Each a true luxury to experience, this was no exception. Our caravan of 18 companions flew into San Jose, where we spent a night at a resort enjoying late night bites, a local casino, and a night view of the tropical poolside. The stop was quick, as the earliest shuttle transported us to the beaches of Tamarindo early the next morning.

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With such a large entourage, we opted for the Villa Tranquila, a mantion that slept 18-24. On site we enjoyed the an excellent, friendly staff including an in-house chef, concierge, and local activities including pool, beach surfing, golf course and more. If you’re traveling in a large group, it was definitely the way to go. Our concierge arranged everything from travel to meal plans, and helped us organize our excursions in a way that took the load of the primary planners (myself included). These photos are from the villa itself – a mansion of beauty just a few minutes from the downtown nightlife area of Tamarindo. Costa Rica is much bigger than most people realize, so excursions were up to 3 hours away.

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This particular day, we spent only enjoying what our home away from home had to offer. Surrounded by mature palms and tropical flowers galore, it was a perfect paradise. The morning was spent leisurely poolside, where we arranged for 4 private masseuses to provide hour long massages. Travel is meant to be an experience, and this was a luxury almost no one wanted to pass on. Cocktails were had, and fresh bowls of local ceviche never diminished. Our chef kept the mix of local fish, shrimp, tomato, fresh avocado and pico ever-ready in case we needed a mid-afternoon snack. Ceviche is a favorite tropical indulgence, and I’m always sure to include it on the menu plan. We also had prepared homemade salsa and guacamole. The avocados there are rich and creamy – a decadence not to be missed. The local Imperial beer has a sort of beachy taste with a fresh squeeze of lime. I opted for more than a few splashes of champagne.

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While I believe vacations are a time-luxury that should be spent in pure relaxation to fully enjoy the indulgence of free time – we snuck away for just a few moments to snag a couple of pictures to share. Don’t let the pictures deceive you, I was barefoot most of the day. Working a full-time career while managing life as a luxury fashion blogger sometimes difficult to get away. But when on vacation, I truly believe in some disconnect from the digital world of fashion. I recently participated in an interview regarding luxury research that brought up the concept of the summer fashion trends and the evolution of luxury. Shifting away from material goods, the greatest luxury our consumers can enjoy today is time, and an experience worth remembering. Luxury fashion is meant to hold its value in essential staples that you’ll use year after year. It’s not intended as a culture to hoard material goods. Remember, a minimalist lifestyle enjoyed to the fullest is far more rewarding than a collection of luxury fashion you’ll never wear.

Instead, focus on living a luxury lifestyle, focusing on life essentials, and soak in every moment you can. Costa Rica was certainly that for me, and I hope you can enjoy the same.

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