Day 2 – Zurich Old Town walking tour | Ach’i Chinese Restaurant

Zurich Old Town

After the breakfast at Bubbles it was time to head to the city for some sightseeing. Zürich Hauptbahnhof is the hub of the city with many trains coming from the airport, and outside of town. The main station has several floors of shops, snack bars, and more. I popped by Nordsee for some breaded fried prawns.  

Zürich Hauptbahnhof


Swiss National museum

It is well connected with trams, buses right across the road are the Swiss National Museum. I forgot that the Zurich card allows free entry to the museum, it’s the place to learn about the history and culture of the country. I only popped by to the café for drinks before heading off to the river to take the Limmat River cruise. 

The Limmat

Zurich is the city known for its lakes and river sounding the city. The Limmat allows you to travel leisurely on the river, passing Old Town, and Lake Zurich. It’s only 4.40 CF without the Zurich card and lasts an hour.  

Old Town walking tour

Back by the station resting up by the indoor food market looking online I saw a walking tour for Old Town half price with the tourist card. I made it by a few minutes joining the crowd starting at the main station. Walking along cobblestone pathways, along the river and passing the churches. A cute sausage dog called toffee was with us. We passed Grossmünster, tasted Cassis blackcurrant syrup mixed with water from Zurich fountains.  

Can you take a guess on how many are found in Zurich?   

The answer is 1,200, the water is so nice that you don’t need to buy the bottled water. 

The tour ended in 2 hours and I even received a free gift voucher from the guide. 

Restaurant Ach’i 东北人

The evening I spent meeting my cousin after he finished work eat at Restaurant Ach’i 东北人. I’ve been craving some homemade soup and some noodles. Won ton soup served up in small bowl, filled with a handful of won ton. The meat tasted a bit sour almost like it was going off. The pad thai was slightly better, a nice wok hei taste in the noodles. Tofu did taste it was pre-cooked and thrown back in. There were about 4-5 prawns in the dish and the rest was full of bean sprouts, and Chinese leeks. Although it wasn’t the greatest Chinese food I had it is very popular amongst locals.  

Restaurant Ach’i 东北人 

Brauerstrasse 4 

8004 Zürich 

Kreis 4 

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