Day 3 – Road trip to Germany Stuttgart spring festival

Hotel Aloft Stuggart urban room

Off to Stuttgart Spring festival

Part of the last-minute holiday trip was to do a road trip to Stuttgart in Germany. Stuttgart holds one of the biggest beer festivals Oktoberfest since it was spring. They held a Spring during the time I went on vacation. The drive from Zurich to Stuttgart was around 2.5 hours, we went straight to the hotel to drop our luggage first. Hotel Aloft is a four-star hotel located in heart of Stuttgart a 10-minute walk from the main station. It is right next to the shopping mall and surrounded by restaurants.  

Hotel Aloft

Hotel Aloft staff delivered a 5-star service, promptly checking us in even before the proposed time. The urban room is spacious and airy, a king size bed with pixelated imagery long pillows at the top of the bed. A desk and long sofa for you to lie down. Looking out of the triple glazed windows you catch a glimpse of the bustling city. The toilet and walk in shower is filled with Bliss spa amenities.  

Once we freshened up we made our way to the Sban train station to Bad Cannstatt station, which was a stop away. Walking up to the venue for FRÜHLINGSFEST festival, I watched many people passed us dressed up in Lederhosen and dirndl.  

curry wurst

Spending most of our time in the tent we drank pints of beers and ate our way through the food stalls. I couldn’t go Germany and not eat my favourite currywurst and some rainbow coloured slush. The placed with filled with fairground rides and the Ferris wheel resembles the Coachella one. As the night went on, live performances with cheesy music was performed.  

All the beers

We soon got tired and cold and made our way back to the hotel to rest up. I managed to hang out at the hotel re:mix lounge for some tea and mingled with other guests. The re:fuel grab&go is open around the clock 24hrs if you ever in need of snack. As we checked out my cousin enquired about the hotel pillows and they kindly gave a pair to him for free. I also asked about the toiletries after I got back home and the hotel has sent some to me.  

Hotel aloft


Tokyo Sushi buffet

For our breakfast and lunch we went to the mall for some all you can eat sushi buffetTokyo sushi buffet is a steal for 10,50€ eating any of the hot food and sushi from the conveyer belt within 30 minutes.  

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