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Working for a digital marketing agency and coming from a fashion marketing background – the era of fashion technology has peaked my interest with this generation’s beautiful savvy accessories and the emerging of wearable tech.

Something about the contrasting duo of “beauty and the brains” almost reminds me of a romantic novel or TV series – in product form. But truly, with the advancement’s in today’s technology – why not enjoy the advantages of latest music, fashion, fitness and smart tech all bundled into one pretty package? What a cool millennium we live in. This post is a bit more of the fashion tech types – but I’ve got some exciting updates in wearable technology coming up as well so stay tuned.

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photography:YOURS TRULY (ME) | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | fashion tech laptop skin c/o:CASEAPP

First on beautiful tech is the highly Instagramable accessory for the iPhone to Macbook – cover skins. CaseApp has been a long standing partner of mine in making all my devices more beautiful with their range of custom or pre-designed skins for phones, laptops and tablets. Of course my entire platoon of tech including a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone have all been graced with marble (of course) CaseApp designs. Because why not. It’s something I have to look at and work on everyday – why shouldn’t the be beautiful as well?

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photography:YOURS TRULY (ME) | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | wearable tech bluetooth earbuds c/o:SUDIO (use code: MyDreams for 15% off)

For wearable tech, one of my favorite items are the latest edition of Sudio buds, the Bluetooth Vasa Blå. The perfect blend of beauty and innovative technology, these buds pack quite a punch – and come in sleek, modern designs finished with a rose-gold hue. The flat cord is a feat of genius in itself, making the wires nearly tangle-free which is a life-saver for me during travels. Plus the wireless Bluetooth is a nice perk for avoiding a snag. Not sure how to use Bluetooth? The setup is pretty easy, and I’ve included instructions below. If you want the full review on the Vasa Blå, be sure to check out my Vasa Blå review. Not so sure about Bluetooth? Sudio also has the traditional aux-style buds, and I’ve also got the low-down on that version (the Vasa) here.


  1. Turn off the bluetooth on your phone.
  2. The first video is to demonstrate when you click the middle button (around 7 seconds), the first blue blink means that it is now turned on, and DO NOT LET GO and KEEP PRESSING, then you will see the blue and red blinks, that means the earphones is on seeding mode.
  3. Go to the bluetooth in your phone, and turn it on.
  4. You will see “Sudio Vasa Bla”, click connect.
  5. The second video demonstrates that when it is connected, the earphones will blink the blue lights every 8 seconds or so.
  6. Then you can now use the bluetooth earphones.
  7. The last video demonstrates how to turn off the bluetooth earphones.Hold the middle button for 7 seconds or so, and it will blink the blue light, that means it is now turned off.

Thinking about investing in a pair? You can get ’em for 15% with code: mydreams

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That’s all in beautiful fashion technology for today. Naizak and I are winding down for a relaxing night of tunes and spaghetti. Be sure to check back for a super chic update on wrist-wear for tracking fitness by Totwoo coming soon. Until next time xoxo.

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