Guide to Best Beaches in Mykonos

What are the best beaches in Mykonos? That depends on what kind of beach experience you are after. Mykonos, the island of the winds, glamour and natural beauty. It is a long time favourite with the global creme de la creme, the jet setters, celebrities, politicians, artists and entrepreneurs among many others from all walks of life. Brimming with countless luxurious hospitality venues and high end facilities, Mykonos’ popularity has been on the constant rise since the middle of the 20th century due to it being the island of choice for many VIPs and influencers of the time.

Despite welcoming a never ending array of visitors each year, Mykonos still manages to retain its traditional and authentic charm, in addition to all the luxuriousness that today characterises the island. Its numerous, sensational beaches continue to take visitors’ breath away. And here is your guide to the best beach​es in Mykonos.

Guide to Best Beaches in Mykonos

Best beaches in Mykonos – Beach clubs & jet set partying

These are the most popular beaches, the most up-scale ones that draw most attention and allow their frequenters to revel and frolic on the sun kissed shores and crystal clear waters, dancing to the house beats of the hottest DJs around the world. Partying, plush sun beds, luxurious sun cabanas, champagne cocktails and delectable food is what you can expect at these beaches, as well as being star struck by the (not so) occasional Hollywood star or two.

Super Paradise

A sandy beach that gay and nudist friendly. The beach parties of Super Paradise are notorious, loud and high energy, lasting until late morning of the next day. Usually gathering LBGT crowds who are determined to party like troopers for hours on end.


The infamous Cavo Paradiso club is located the flat, sandy beach of Paradise, featuring music artists of the highest caliber. It is a sandy beach that attracts party people who can choose from a few clubs such as Tropicana and Paradise Club. Some watersports & diving is available here.


The most sought-after beach on the island, where luxury is brought down to the shore. The famous Nammos beach bar and restaurant is situated here, where a beach party starts to get going from late afternoon onwards in absolute style and glamour. Hotel to stay on Psarrou Beach: Mykonos Blu Grecotel Exclusive Resort


Experience the best of both worlds at Paranga beach which offers a striking combination of two sandy beaches divided by a headland. The northern beach is more lively and fully organised with many tavernas too, while the southern beach is much calmer. Beach bars include Scorpios, Kalua Beach Bar and Jumeirah.

Best beaches in Mykonos – Peaceful & off the beaten track

Feeling all partied-out? Find the beach party antidote at one of the following peaceful and off the beaten track, best beaches in Mykonos. Here you can expect more calm and tranquil moments, facilities that ensure your comfort, sandy shores and crystalline waters in which to immerse and relax in. These beaches are not usually overcrowded and are family friendly.


Agrari beach exudes an unpretentious vibe that is quite refreshing in Mykonos. Affordable sun beds are available by any one of the beach front enterprises while it is fairly quiet in terms of partying. Frequented by beachgoers who enjoy a lower profile.


Ornos is a thriving beach community to experience in Mykonos. Casual and laid back, it is an organised beach with a wonderful ambiance that won’t break the bank. Here you will find various shops, taverns, cafes and restaurants close by for a lovely lunch or early dinner before returning to your hotel.  Hotel to stay in Ornos Bay, check out my review of Kivotos Mykonos: Timeless Luxury Boutique Hotel in Mykonos

Agios Ioannis

View from Bill & Coo Coast located on Agios Ioannis Beach

Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos with a chilled vibe. It is a small beach further away from Mykonos but it is worth a visit for its great views overlooking the island of Delos. It is popular among the locals too, and you know what they say, locals know best! Hotel to stay in Agios Ioannis: Bill and Coo Coast: Sleek, modern and serene

Agios Stefanos

Close to Mykonos town, Agios Stefanos beach is a popular choice among families in Mykonos, with a wide choice of amenities that ensure the comfort of all visitors. Kids will love this beach as it is naturally sheltered from winds and features shallow waters. Hotel to stay close to Agios Stefanos beach: Mykonos Princess: Chic Boutique Hotel in Agios Stefanos

Best beaches in Mykonos – Non-organised & pristine

If you seek the elusive when it comes to the best beaches in Mykonos, then you will have to trade comfort for a more naturalistic approach to beach going. The following beaches are relatively difficult to access, and there are no facilities available, however, these are the reasons why these beaches remain as pristine as ever. Be sure to pack wisely; bringing refreshments is vital!


Megali Ammos

This is a large sandy beach, as suggested by its Greek name, and the closest to Mykonos town, however, it is serene since it offers no facilities.


On the northern part of the island, the location of the secluded but lovely Fokos beach doesn’t do it any favours in terms of visitability.


Only accessed by sea, with sea taxi or kaiki boat, Fragia is about 15 km from Mykonos town. It is remote, tranquil and picture-perfect!


Located on the eastern side of the island, Tigani is not a typical Mykonian beach and features a wilder kind of beauty. You may occasionally witness a boat party at sea here.


Natural, authentic and absolutely stunning, Merchia beach is a quaint little beach on a small cove on the northeastern side of Mykonos.


If you seek a beach that can serve as a refuge while in Mykonos, Myrsini can deliver. Somewhat lunar, it has azure waters and a beach made up of small pebbles and thick sand.


About 13 km from Mykonos town, Tigani beach can only be accessed via a dirt road with a 4×4 vehicle or by foot. Once you reach it, it is solitude all the way.

Vathia Lagada

A very narrow but striking beach, Vathia Lagada needs a 4×4 vehicle in order to be reached. Most suited to those who want a private beach experience!


Best beaches in Mykonos – Windsurfing & watersports

They don’t call it the island of winds for nothing. Harnessing the power of Mykonos’ winds is something that the active and adventurous types aspire to. Especially during the month of August, the Etesian Meltemi winds are at their strongest so that is one of the best times to visit the island, for wind or kite surfing.


The Mykonos watersports hub. Various sea activities to do here, that guarantee endless fun under the sun. This is a relatively crowded beach during peak season, it is also family friendly and offers a chilled vibe with numerous facilities to enjoy. It is around 12 km from Mykonos town.


The best spot for kitesurfers. Shallow waters and the northern winds that Korfos enjoys lends itself for thrilling rides that pro surfers will find irresistible while it also lends itself for beginner lessons. It is situated next to Ornos beach, about 3 km south from Mykonos town. Not suitable for a relaxed swim.



Found towards the north, Ftelia beach gathers like-minded people who want to enjoy the northern winds. Home to many windsurfing schools that offer both lessons and equipment for rent, it is both exciting and beautiful but with basic facilities.

Best beaches in Mykonos – The all rounders

Some of the best beaches in Mykonos do not fall into just one of the above categories. The following two beaches combine a few of the aforementioned attributes, making them the ‘all rounders’ of this post.

Platys Gialos

Organised, fairly relaxed, affordable with many amenities and watersports facilities, Platis Gialos is a beauty of a beach that can satisfy a wide range of tastes. Family friendly as well as attractive for the more active types, it can be found within 5 km south of Mykonos town.


The largest of the south Mykonian beaches, Elia is graced by caster sugar coloured sand, and is one of the most popular ones. 10 km from the town, here you will find a large stretch of sun beds, watersports centers and a plethora of beach bars doting the shoreline. It is fairly quiet and tranquil although it is also gay and nudist friendly at one end of the beach.

Kalo Livadi

Kalo Livadi Beach

Kalo Livadi is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on Mykonos. Situated 10 km south-east of Mykonos Town, this beach is one of the most popular beaches on Mykonos.

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