Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Many people in their Golden Years maintained gardens at their homes earlier in life. There are some very real benefits for seniors who continue to garden as they grow older. These include some significant health benefits that seniors can derive from gardening.


Physical Benefits of Gardening for Seniors


One of the areas in which seniors can enjoy health benefits associate with gardening involves physical benefits. Too often, senior citizens spend a significant amount of time indoors. The fail to get enough exercise on a regular basis


Gardening can provide a senior with solid low impact exercise. This type of exercise is vital to aiding a senior in keeping his or her joints as flexible as possible. It also contributes to a senior keeping in over all decent shape as he or she ages.


Gardening is not typically regarded as a cardiovascular exercise. However, there are certain types of gardening activities that can be classified in this manner. For example, at the beginning of the planting season, a garden needs to be tilled, and that can be classified as cardiovascular exercise.


Another way in which gardening enhances the physical health of a senior citizen is because it gets a person out in the sun. Spending an appropriate amount of time outside ensures that a person gets a good dose of vitamin D.


Gardening nearly always involves squatting, bending, twisting, and stretching. These movements, when done in moderation, work to improve a person’s flexibility and ability to move more easily.


Any time a senior embarks on a new activity that involves physical activity, it is wise to schedule an appointment with his or her doctor. A quick checkup can confirm that a senior citizen is in an appropriate condition to take up gardening.


Psychological Benefits of Gardening for Seniors


In addition to physical benefits, gardening offers seniors some significant psychological benefits as well. Being out in the fresh air, engaging in physical activity, and the accomplishments associated with gardening can assist a senior in obtaining relief from or avoiding depression. The fact is that many older people suffer from depression from an array of different reasons. Being able to obtain relief from depression without the need for medications is significant.


Gardening is also proven effective in assisting senior citizens relief stress. A wide array of different things cause a senior stress. These can include everything from health concerns to finances. Gardening provides a respite from these stressors. In addition, gardening can be helpful at aiding seniors in avoiding unnecessary stress in the first instance.


Some seniors suffer from fairly significant anxiety. Gardening has also been demonstrated as being helpful in assisting seniors in overcoming anxiety or avoiding it all together.


Finally, gardening can be a useful way of helping seniors avoid loneliness. One of the most prevalent issues impacting senior citizens is loneliness. Loneliness can result in a whole host of other issues.


There are organizations and groups that are specifically design for gardening senior citizens. In addition, many gardening seniors swap produce they’ve grown with others. This interaction is positive and gives a senior a sense of belonging.


Nutritional Benefits of Seniors


Maintaining proper nutrition is always important. With that said, it is particularly crucial for an older person. The most direct benefit of maintaining a vegetable garden as a senior is found in improve nutrition.


Seniors that cultivate a vegetable garden have more fruits and vegetables in their diets. This assists them in remaining healthier. Indeed, the healthier diet that gardening makes possible can also extend a person’s life. Living longer and living better are fundamental health benefits derived by seniors from gardening.



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