How to experience Amritsar India in style

Of all the destinations in India, Amritsar is at the top of the list of many travelers. There is little doubt this is due to the splendour of its star attraction, the Golden Temple, but there are many other sights worth seeing here for the accomplished wanderer.

If you are considering a trip to Amritsar, here’s how you can do it in style.


Since Amritsar is a fair distance from major centres like New Delhi and Mumbai, you’ll want to fly rather than endure a long journey by train.

Flight times average an hour from Delhi, and 2 ½ hours from Mumbai. If you are coming from abroad, the aforementioned hubs receive flights from most major cities around the world, making for an easy connection to Amritsar.

Which airline should you patronise? Air India is a favourite of many for its ability to produce Indian dishes with a high level of quality in first class, but there are other options for those flying in from abroad.

Qatar Airways is also a popular choice, as it scores highly in customer satisfaction for its product behind the curtain.

From its comfy seats to the flair it serves meals with, you won’t be disappointed with the service you receive from this vaunted Middle Eastern airline.


Once you land, the next concern lies with where you choose to call home during your stay in Amritsar, India.

In our opinion, the Radisson Blu Amritsar is far and away the best choice the traveller can make when it comes to luxury hotels.

Located within a short cab ride from Amritsar’s international airport, its spa, multiple restaurants, refreshing pool, and its comprehensive business centre will allow you to relax, unwind, and get reconnected with the world after a long flight.

In the Premier Suite, you’ll get your own living room and a kitchenette, along with a work station, which is especially useful for businesspeople who need to catch up on work.

Newspapers are delivered to your room free everyday, allowing you to be informed on what is going on with the world before heading out to enjoy what Amristar has to offer.


Ready to tackle Amritsar’s biggest attractions? Start with the Golden Temple, which is easily its star attraction.

One of the most important sites in the Sikh religion, a steady stream of pilgrims visit this gilded place of worship on a regular basis.

Contrasted against the water which surrounds it and the whitewashed exterior structure which encircles the massive inner sanctum, it is a marvelously beautiful building which you will be richer for seeing in person.

Afterward, check out the Gobindgarh Fort. Built to defend the city against marauders in the 18th century, it is best known locally as a centre of the performing arts.

At night, local dancers and martial artists put on a show that will infuse you with a sense of the unique culture which has long been present in this corner of India.


After a long day sightseeing, you’ll want to satisfy your hunger in a way which will also allow you to sample the local cuisine.

Tavolo Mondo is an excellent choice in this regard, as this restaurant within the Radisson Blu Hotel offers local Indian favoutires at dinner. In the norning, it also offers a breakfast buffet which other spots within the city will be hard pressed to match.

Wall of Asia is a great option for dinner. Also located on the grounds of the Radisson Blu, it provides a wide variety of Pan-Asian cuisine. From Indian to Thai to Chinese, you’ll find an entree you’ll like here.

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