How to plan the ultimate 1920s summer wedding

As social distancing and lockdown rules finally begin to ease, if you’ve been putting off planning your wedding due to the Covid-19 pandemic, then now is the perfect time to get the ball rolling. There are few moments as special or as memorable as when you tie the knot, and if you’re looking forward to a lavish ceremony and a decadent celebration to follow, then it’s time to have some fun.

Themed weddings have become increasingly popular over the years – and no, we’re not talking fancy dress. Taking inspiration from times gone by and incorporating elements of dress and décor into your big day can make for an even more magical celebration, and few decades did it better than the 1920s when it comes to glamour and sophistication.

Fans of The Great Gatsby will likely need little convincing that flapper dresses and feathers are the epitome of elegance, and will ensure that your summer wedding is as memorable for your guests as it is for you. What you will find at is a labour of love and a passionate pursuit to compile the most authentic recreations of dresses from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s focusing on their main line of whimsical romantic dresses, Nataya. And here are their top tips on planning a 1920s style wedding – and to have fun whilst doing it.

Great Gatsby wedding dress by Nataya
A Great Gatsby wedding dress is certain to make a statement

Choose the perfect 1920s wedding dress

Let’s face it, the wedding dress is the piece-de-resistance of any wedding, and starting with the most important element first will ensure that everything else serves only to emphasise its beauty rather than detract from or upstage it. A Great Gatsby wedding dress is certain to make a statement, and choosing a one-of-a-kind luxury vintage piece that is subtly adorned with feathers and embellishments will ensure that the groom simply can’t take his eyes off you.

1920s wedding dress by Nataya
For the bridesmaids dresses, go easy on the sequins and opt for a darker, contrasting colour to ensure that the attention remains on you

Organise your bridesmaids

To ensure that the theme is evident throughout your wedding, track down some gorgeous 1920s themed dresses for your bridesmaids – but go easy on the sequins and opt for a darker, contrasting colour to ensure that the attention remains on you. Any Gatsby wedding dress deserves to be shown off to its full potential, and surrounding yourself in similar shades could mean that you fade into the background – so make your 1920s dress the showstopper and opt for subtle and understated sophistication for the rest of the party.

Send out Art Deco invitations

Let your guests know to get the date in their diaries by sending out some beautiful Art Deco style invitations, which will set the scene in advance for the big day. Choosing some luxurious 1920s themed stationery will let them know what to expect in advance and communicate the luxurious vintage vibe you’re looking to carry over into the main event.

1920s themed wedding dresses by Nataya
Set a vintage dress code so that your guests can get dressed up to the nines and join in with the fun

Set a dress code

If you’d like your guests to join in with the fun and get dressed up to the nines for the receptions in full 1920s get-up, then why not set a vintage dress code? The after-party is all about celebrating with friends, and while there might not be a place for their feathered head-dresses and sequins during the ceremony itself, when it’s time to dance the night away and sip on champagne, they’ll come into their own. While flapper-style gowns will work well for the women, male guests can join in, too. Invite them to don their best three-piece suit or some suave tweed accessories to ensure that they look the part.

Nataya mother of the bride dresses
There are plenty of ways to inject a good dose of 1920s glamour into the evening

Provide themed entertainment

The key to a successful wedding is keeping your guests well-entertained, and from table games to a live band, there are plenty of ways to inject a good dose of 1920s glamour into the evening. 

Bringing in a quality jazz and swing band to provide the music will set the tone for a glamorous and sophisticated night of celebration that promises to get your guests onto the dance floor. A good wedding reception is all about having fun, and getting the music right is essential if you want everyone to get involved. Classic 1920s table games are another great option and from Al Capone and The Charleston to The Great Gatsby (of course), there are plenty that make for the perfect choices for a laid-back yet elegant affair.

The bottom line

Let’s face it – after a trying year, we could all do with a good party, and if planning your wedding has had to be put on hold over recent months, then it’s time to treat yourself to an even bigger and better occasion than you originally had in mind. With the remaining social distancing restrictions set to be eased on the 21st June, it’s all looking good for a summer celebration, and a 1920s themed wedding is the perfect way to go.

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