I know we’re not supposed to

There are some things which are hard to let go of. Grasping onto whatever strands may be in reach, whether for love or hate, out of desperation or hope – there is something in our nature that resists parting with something that we were once in position of. Material things, people, a grudge, a lifestyle, a memory, a dream. As they pull farther away, our reach lengthens and our grip tightens to fight the loss.

In some spaces, this action can be a beautiful thing. Fighting for people we love, hanging on to hope for a better day, believing in a dream – it’s a strength. A willingness to not let go, a pull towards something better or something we hope to achieve, the grip is persistence, and it builds character and personal development.

It can also be a crutch. Hanging on to toxic memories, resentment, useless things, scar tissue, the past – it can be a fetter binding us to things which are better to let go of. The grip becomes sweaty, anxious and desperate.

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The line is grey, and sometimes living in the grey can be admittedly satisfying, but in the end it’s also where one can most easily become lost. Fight only for what you believe in, and decide what you believe in wisely. You have two hands, but you can only move in one direction. May whatever you choose to hold on to be worth it in the end. May it draw you closer to your future not your past, may it fill your heart and not your eyes, and may it lift you up and never pull you down.

“I know we’re not supposed to talk, but I’m getting ahead of myself

I get scared when we’re not, ’cause I’m scared you’re with somebody else

So I guess that it is gone, and I just keep lying to myself

I can’t believe it

I, I miss you, yeah I miss you, I miss you, yeah I miss you, oh I do

I miss you, yeah I miss you, though I’m tryin’ not to right now

So I saved all the texts, all of the best over the years

Just to remind myself, of how good it is

Yeah, I saved all the texts off of my ex, minus the tears

Just to remind myself of how good it is

Or was…”

“I Miss you” – Clean Bandit

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