interior inspo – decorating with Desenio posters

Fingers scrolling, eyes quickly snapping up and down, back and forth. I don’t even remember what my original search was for, but it’s happened again. Someone call the optometrist because eyes will be flowing with tears of agitation before I can pry myself away… One of my lids has begun to twitch, and I’m not quite sure if it’s the strain or a twinge of envy as the beautiful interiors continue to stream in front of my eyes. Know what I’m talking about?

Caught in the endless gaze of Instagram’s interior inspo.

You may think it’s funny, but it’s no joke. Lifestyle bloggers have seriously given me a complex when it comes to my home’s interior. How is there home so filled with light? Who actually has a kitchen that clean? Where did they ever find such a flawless palm and how has that huge furry dog not shed all over their black throw? Unfortunately, I can’t answer those questions, the struggle here is still real.

desenio living room posters

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | posters c/o:DESENIO

What I can tell you, is some of the ways bloggers are making their homes look chic with… you guessed it – posters. No longer for college dorms and bachelor pads, posters have gotten pretty stylish these days, and Instagram is full of fun, unique ways to use posters to update the look of your space. That’s why I’ve partnered with Desenio to show you some ways I’ve updated and upgraded my own living space with their wall art for the new year, thanks to some beautiful prints and these arrangement techniques.

First, why posters? If you’ve invested in a home, or even in an apartment, you know the decor isn’t going to be an inexpensive project. Luckily, posters are one element that you won’t have to save for, and the wow effect is well worth the initial investment.

scenery poster art

But how do you make your space not resemble a college dorm? Choose your prints carefully. Don’t get caught up in utilizing old movie posters you found in your attic. Desenio is a one-stop poster shop inspired from Scandinavian design – aka read: ideal for the minimalist. From breathtaking landscapes to portraits and technical drawings – they have a face for every mood and story. Consider your space and the story you want your home to tell… and pick accordingly. I’ve chosen a few travel-inspired photos in simple black and whites to leave room for a minimalist style while highlighting some of the places and spaces that inspire me. Their shipping was super speedy, and posters and frames alike arrived in flawless condition.

arranging posters

When arranging posters, try to think outside of the box. A randomly organized (yet still balanced) arrangement of posters can fill an entire wall for a big statement. That’s the direction I’ve gone for my living area to pull the eyes above a large white leather couch that claims 80% of my spare time. Naizak was unamused by my rearranging.

desk wall art

minimalist posters

Posters are also great for desk areas. Desenio has frames and clips so you can choose your hanging method. I’ve used clips above my work station so I can change out the designs more frequently. Since this is my work space, it’s important for me to have fresh inspiration on a regular basis.

One of my favorite poster trends is floor arrangements. Yes, it’s a thing. And if you haven’t seen it, I’m so sorry I haven’t given you examples here (My floors just aren’t ideal for photos). If you have a clean, white or simple flooring, try layering a big poster against the wall or in a corner, and make it feel naturally placed by layering pillows, baskets, or a small shoe shelf in front to add some depth. It’s also a great backdrop for that perfect palm (if you’re so lucky to have one).

travel poster

Two rooms down, I’m starting to get excited for renovating for the new year. Next on the list, some shelving arrangements and a white marble dining table… (don’t tell my boyfriend I’m planning to use it as a photo backdrop). Love interior inspo and excited to be underway with some of my own for the new year. Hope you had an amazing holiday. Thanks Desenio, for giving me a head start, and here’s to a more beautiful 2017 and creating some inspiration of our own!

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