IT restaurant London – Ibiza exports comes to Mayfair

IT restaurant London

IT restaurant London

When I picture Mayfair in my head, I think of posh places like The Ritz, The Wolseley, Fortum and Mason, being one of the most expensive areas on the Monopoly board. A newcomer on Dover Street, IT London is the latest location from the IT Ibiza brand. The other locations are Ibiza and Milan, set in the heart of London. IT London restaurant was a former art gallery, steering the kitchen is Chef Gennaro Esposito with a Mediterranean cuisine on offer on the menu.  

IT restaurant private dining


We arrive by a gold square plaque with IT embossed in the sign, pushing into the large wooden doors. We were greeted by immaculate looking front house staff, taking our coats, then guided to the private dining room. On the way, the interior stuns, sea green scallop velvet chairs, against gold metal tones. The restaurant seats 246 people in the lounge and private dining room. Once night falls the place livens up and live DJ’s get you ready to party the night away.  

IT gold charger plate

bread selection
bread selection

The table setting is intimate, dark lighting with a movable lamp, a gold charger plate is used as a placemat. To kick off the taste of IT tasting menu, we had a selection of Italian bread.  

IT gourmet pizza

IT gourmet pizza 

Then IT restaurant signature IT gourmet pizza comes out. The pizza comes in a paper thin crust, smothered with the brightest red vesuvio tomato sauce sprinkled with a trail of dried herbs. That tomato base sauced is the most addictive thing, you just want to eat more and more, combined with that super thin crispy base. It’s simple but a sure winner for me.  

Tartare di zucchine

Tartare di zucchine 

Diced up courgettes, plated in a tartare style, had bitter flavours and crunch from the almond nuts. 

alici a beccafico 

Is a morsel of delight, three anchovies dressed in crumbs, raisins, pine nuts, and a bright orange sauce. It’s a delicate introduction for the remaining dishes. 

granchio carciofi e avocado

granchio carciofi e avocado 

King crab salad with artichoke and avocado puree, is a light and refreshing dish.  

ravioli capresi

ravioli capresi 

If you’re a big cheese lover, you would love this pasta dish, ricotta and percorino cheese is strong and the same vesuvio tomato sauce from the pizza is used. Pasta skins are smooth and evenly shaped. 

carre di agnello alla brace crema di tarallo cime di rapa e salsa di aglio dolce

carre di agnello alla brace crema di tarallo cime di rapa e salsa di aglio dolce 

Two charcoal rack of lambs crisscrossed is still bloody and pink, perched on tarallo cream, and turnip greens. Topped with a creamy garlic sauce.  

morbido alle noci lime e gelato all'olio di oliva

morbido alle noci lime e gelato all’olio di oliva 

To finish off the night we had walnit biscotti, lime with a serving of olive ice cream. 

The presentation of the food is well executed and the standout dishes were the simple dishes such as the pizza and pasta. IT Restaurant uses very fresh seafood, whilst dining we saw a fish fall off the counter still flapping about. The set menu is a good way to taste a selection of the dishes, and the elegant décor is a great setting for dining in Mayfair.  


IT restaurant London information 

For more information please visit IT restaurant website 

Address: 28-29, Dover St, Mayfair, London W1S 4LX 

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