Kalesma Mykonos

 Kalesma Mykonos, a new luxury destination to experience the revival of Mykonian spirit
Step into a serene hideaway of true unspoiled luxury, blending local flair with high aesthetics and an experience that shall not make you forget the essence of Mykonian living, 
the way it was meant to be lived. 

The birthplace of our hotel, the area of “Aleomandra”, was named after the sacred Delian stables which, according to myth, provided shelter to the horses of the Olympian god Apollo. Centuries and legends later, this becomes the birthplace of our hotel, the hotel ‘Kalesma’, rising out of Mykonian earth and becoming one with the legends, the light, the elements and the buzz surrounding us. We invite you to share an authentic experience of Greek hospitality, “Philoxenia” in its original translation: A warm embrace of the outsider. We welcome you to our inner circle and hope you enjoy this experience with us.

Kalesma is in tune with guests at all times, flexible and spontaneous, ready to provide an experience or an extra dose of indulgence whenever the opportunity arises. We have created stunning spaces both for private moments but also for blending and fusing with other guests. We provide opportunities for formal dining but also for casual “breaking bread” with old and new friends on communal tables over good food, company, drinks and conversation; no pressures of time or formalities, we want our guests to enjoy their surroundings and feel as comfortable as they would in their own homes. Our goal is to open up this home to you so that you as guests can in turn open up to this feeling of Philoxenia; embrace the atmosphere and the people around you and enjoy every moment. This is a place where the Greek spirit of hospitality meets the new lifestyle hotel, where the magnificent, raw Mykonian surroundings meet the people looking for a space they feel relaxed in, where they can kick back and socialise over drinks and an all-day sunset soundtrack. This is the understated, sophisticated side that Mykonos now has to offer.

Kalesma will engage and entice your every sense, surprise you with a feast of a good catch one day, a guest DJ the next. We aim to add zest to every day of your stay with us. We want guests to feel the energy and passion of our hospitality alongside a more authentic essence of the island which we hope radiates around our grounds. Kalesma is a hub of people looking to blend with the space around them, the people, the pulse, the tastes and the sounds around them. They are able to hear cool beats to sip their drinks to or retire into complete serenity and into a haven of personalized attention, according to what mood they’re in at any given moment. Kalesma is here to be your perfect host.

Rates & Rooms for Kalesma Mykonos

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We offer when the booking is made here:
- Room upgrade when available
- Upon arrival fruit basket & Local wine

"Thank you for your booking, Enjoy your stay"

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