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With life rolling through like a freight train, it’s important to be able to step back and appreciate the small things. Coffee on the porch on a cool morning, the laughter in the eyes of someone you love, a fragrance the reminds you of home – these small moments let us pause. They give us a deep satisfaction of being only in the moment without distractions, capturing every sensation more intensely than we often allow ourselves. These are the moments we get lost in, a treasure that cannot be met for value. In the fashion industry, it’s easy to get caught up forgetting these moments entirely. Operating at jet speed and surrounding yourself with material items, hunting for the latest fashion trends, and skimming through so much content, it’s easy to become too overloaded for truly soaking everything in.

Since starting a luxury fashion blog just a few years back, I have learned how fast those treasured moments can pass you by. Striving to lead an alternative minimalist lifestyle, it has become an important part of my process to pause, assess the meaningful, and disregard those things that just get in the way. This way, there is always time for that coffee or 5 more minutes cozied on the couch to enjoy those things that truly define us in the end. It may seem like a funny connection to make with how we make our fashion choices, but time and investment often go hand and hand, and the principals are in some ways the same.

luxury knit sweater

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | sweater c/o:DECJUBA | backpack c/o:AITCH AITCH | belt:GUCCI | shorts:ONE TEASPOON | sandals c/0:SENSO

In this post, I’ve collected a few of my favorite luxury pieces that help simplify my life, so more time can be spent in the things that make me truly happy. Because time is often my greatest enemy, many of these items fall into my lifestyle because they help save precious moments of the day. Others, I’ve selected because just as the small things in life are often the most special, the details of a fashion piece are also what make them special.

Since fall is just around the corner, let’s first talk about Decjuba. Decjuba is a brand I recently discovered after they so generously sent me a gift box of mixed fall pieces. Amongst them, this simple grey jumper that’s just oversized enough to create an even more cozy affect. A basic grey sweater is an essential for the fall. Oversized, you can throw it over as an extra layer, travel with it for chilly flights, and it matches almost everything. In a minimalist wardrobe, it could be your only sweater, or a key piece that you can wear on rotation.

luxury fashion handbag made with salmon skinhandcrafted luxury fashion bag

The luxury bag is a piece from Aitch Aitch. A brand born just last year, Aitch Aitch designs pieces through traditional leather crafting, while operating with sustainable exotic materials and artisanal details. This backpack is hand sewn from salmon leather in London by their master artisans. A very delicate material, luxury shows itself in the details of this piece. The panels are stitched together to create a sort of patchwork effect. The grain of the material has a delightful texture, and the matte golden hardware gives it a rich, authentic finish.  The Amelia backpack has an inside pocket, and a small outside pocket that’s convenient for ID placement during travel for easy access.

luxury gladiator sandals from aussie fashion brand senso

Last but not least, these simple but beautiful sandals from Senso. If you’re trying to reduce your wardrobe to the essentials, versatility and comfort is key. These caged sandals are both. One of my most worn and traveled pairs of the summer, they lay flat in a bag making them an easy grab when you’re only traveling with a carry-on. The fit is comfortable and seamless. But the most efficient feature is the duo metallic studs on the straps. Designed in both silver and gold, these sandals are a one-item grab that goes with every outfit and accessory. A lifestyle luxury, Senso did it right with this singular essential style.

minimalist fashion essentials that support a busy lifestyle

Fashion isn’t everything. But fashion that supports your lifestyle, opens up the doors for you to live with less, and creates small ways for saving time can help you spend more on the things that matter most. Let fashion work for you, not the other way around. These few luxury essentials are some that I appreciate for the craftsmanship and efficiency they create in my lifestyle. If you’d like to shop the looks, you can follow the links below. Here’s to life, love and happiness.

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