Most Expensive Private Islands In The World

Most Expensive Private Islands In The World

We all dream of owning our own Private Island, perhaps something you can take your SuperYacht to on vacation. But what are the most expensive private islands?

10. Laucala Island, Fiji One misconception that people may have is that to “own” a private island…you have to buy it. While that is true in the pure sense of ownership, you can of course RENT a private island, you know to check it out and see if you want one in the first place! And one place you can do so is the islands of Fiji. Granted, not all of them are for rent, or even for sale, but some are, including Laucala Island.

9. Calivigny Island, Grenada Sometimes, when you have the money, you don’t just want to go to where you can be alone, you’ll want to bring family, friends, and maybe even acquaintances. Because, of course, we all need an entourage!! For those people, a place like Calivigny Island in Grenada is the place to go.

8. Necker Island, Islands When you’re rich, and you own your own island, you have the opportunity to rent it out to those “less fortunate”, or in the case of Richard Branson, very fortunate. He owns Necker Island within the British Islands, and he’s made the place his own for many times of the year. However, he won’t stay there all the time, and thus, he’ll “allow” someone to rent it out to do what they will with it…for a price, of course.

7. Isla Tagomago In Spain, there is a place called Ibiza, and it is known for its nightlife above all else. Massive parties and nightclubs fill up the area with sound, music, and dancing. For those who prefer a more quiet experience, you can go to Isla Tagomago, which is just off the coast of Ibiza, and far enough away that the sounds of the nightclubs won’t disturb you in any meaningful way.

6. Velaa Private Island, the Maldives The Maldives is a place that is actually known for its private islands and its resorts, but when it comes to the best of the best, most people look to Velaa. This island is owned by Jiri Smejc, who is a billionaire from the Czech Republic.

5. Shelter Island, Montana When you think about Montana in the United States, you’re likely not picturing an island anywhere near it. In fact, you probably are surprised that an island exists there at all. But it does. Shelter Island comes from Flathead Lake, and is actually quite large. 24 acres to be exact.

4. Caye Chapel Island, Belize Heading to the country of Belize, if you’re interested in an island in South America, Caye Chapel Island might just be what you’re looking for. This particular island has many attractions, including a complete 18-hole golf course. There’s an airstrip that’ll allow you to fly to and from it without little issue, and a massive 25,000 square foot clubhouse where you can live and have fun at with friends.

3. D’Arros Island, Seychelles The Seychelles are widely considered one of the most beautiful island chains in the world, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that there islands there that can be bought, and it also shouldn’t be a surprise that they cost quite a pretty penny, such as D’Arros Island.

2. Lisbon Island, Portugal Lisbon Island is one of the more interesting private islands in the world simply for the reason that it’s actually not developed very much. It’s in many ways a “natural” island, one that doesn’t have many things done to it. Which, can be taken many ways. On one hand, if you wanted a place to observe the natural beauty of the world, this would be a good spot for you to do so.

1. Lanai Island, Hawaii Hawaii was one of the last states in the United States, and is home to many islands both publicly and privately owned. The place is considered a paradise to many, and that has jacked up the prices of much of the islands that are actually available for sale, such as Lanai Island.

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