NYFW: Pinstripe Pairing

A few days before I left for New York, I was having breakfast with a friend talking about what it is exactly that I like about being in the Fashion industry, when it occurred to me that we are living in a very special moment in time because today, more than ever, we have the freedom to express who we are and what we like through our style. If you think about, liberty to dress the way we like is a relatively new concept, because in the past, what we wear, with what, and when, was pretty much dictated to us. But not today! Today, we get to choose how we want to look, what pieces to wear together and just in general, create a personal style that has no limitations and that is uniquely our own, and I think this is the main reason why I am so excited to be a part of the Fashion industry today and why I enjoy attending New York Fashion Week so much. Because truly, Fashion Week today is not just about the Fashion Shows but also just as much about street style, and being able to see interpretations of what is happening in the world of Fashion through the eyes of influencers from all over the world! And that to me, that is truly amazing!


Take today’s look for example. In that past, pairing tailored pants, like the high-waisted pinstripe ones I am wearing in today’s post, with a t-shirt would have been unthinkable, but today, I have the freedom to combine casual pieces with dressy ones at will, and high-waisted, wide-legged pant and a casual tee pairing feels very of the moment right now. Pulled together, yet not entirely serious, I love the way a simple tee dresses down tailored pants and makes them a lot more anywhere appropriate. And I mean anywhere, because I wore this particular look to the shows, business meetings, presentations, brunch with friends and everything in between!

What I love about this particular pair from Express, is the subtle stripe and the floor length, which work in conjunction to elongate silhouette and make one look at least 6 feet tall. A ok in my book on both of those! Another reason is the fact that they contain just the right amount of stretch to maintain their shape throughout the day but also keep them wrinkle free from morning to night, and if you’ve ever dealt with dress pants that wrinkle easily you know what a nightmare it is! These, on the other hand looked crisp and polished at dinner, so they passed a day full of shows and endless car rides test with flying colors! For today’s look, I paired them with yet another Express favorite, i.e. a super soft and comfy tee ( love this particular style so much I bought it in every color – No Regrets! ) to add just a touch of casual appeal to the look. Finishing touches – a few layered necklaces, a leather beret, and my obsession du jour, clear aviator sunglasses. I’ve been looking for just the right pair for months now, when I happen to come across them at Express. Love everything about them, from shape and size, to super clear lenses! So cool paired with just about everything from casual looks, to more dressy ones for a touch of edge and cool! Love That!

Special thank you to Express for partnering with me on this post.

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