On Newsstands: WOW Malaysia Spring 2021

First quarter of 2021 went by really fast. We are already well into the Spring season when many new watches emerge and the plans and activities of watch brands are being made apparent to us and, subsequently, to you. Stick with us and we will make sure you keep up to speed! While it is the traditional period when the big watch fairs happen in Europe, this year sees these massive launch activities making the complete move to the online platform to allow anyone and everyone with a good internet connection to observe and participate safely from their own homes.

We are observing some trends in the market which ensure that the watch industry remains healthy. Traditional brands are sticking to their tried and tested products and some are looking to bring out more models from their illustrious past to be reimagined. This, of course, has been a successful formula for the past number of recent years. What is interesting is that, early last year, the outlook was gloomy for many, but, thankfully, things turned around pretty quickly, and most of them got back on track. In fact, some brands’ sales well exceeded forecasts and expectations. And all these were happening as everyone scrambled to adhere to the new norms while attempting new activities generated with fresh ideas. If that does not reflect the resilience of the watch industry, then we are not sure what will.

That said, events are slowly but surely coming back. Luxury brands are looking towards reconnecting with their customers once more in person. After all, it is always better to look and feel watches in person. Definitely, we will be writing more reports on them as the year goes by to ensure that you get first-hand knowledge about the activities in town.

It has been a strange year for the watch industry, has it not? How was your horological journey in 2020? What was your experience with the brands and your favourite retailers? What do you think will happen in 2021? Share with us your pandemic watch stories via our social media channels! Stay tuned as we bring you along with our journey of discovering what is new for 2021. You can find us on Instagram at @WatchWowMY. Our World of Watches articles are features are always with you online via Magzter as well as

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