shop my wardrobe! day in my dreams’ online store is now live, here’s the scoop

Alright so it’s been a crazy, crazy couple of months. Not just with Covid and the generally crazy year it’s been, but also a ton of changes both in work and personal life. I’ve had a huge surprise I’ve been putting together for ages, and I’m finally ready to share!

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In case you’ve missed the update on my Instagram… After months of hard work, I’ve now officially launched an e-commerce shop!

Day in my dreams has forever been an outlet for creativity and inspiration. It has created so many new opportunities and experiences, and I really wanted to find another way to share that with you.

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This project has been underway since early 2019, and I can’t believe it’s actually all come together. Since then there have been many a late night sourcing products, building the site, photographing and listing each item.

I cannot thank my friends and family enough for being such a huge support of my blog, Day in my Dreams. This will be an extension of that endeavor.

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Through my journey starting a luxury fashion blog back in 2014, it has really inspired me to see and appreciate entrepreneurs in all lines of business. I’ve worked with countless start up brands, apps, platforms, agencies and just a ton of really inspiring people that are chasing their dreams. This movement is me officially biting off another chuck out of life.

It’s also another way I hope to continue to connect and support other entrepreneurs both locally and around the world.

Plus, we could all use another reason to smile. I hope the love and care placed into curating the collection, packing, and shipping to your door helps to brighten someones day. Please join me, as I hope to try to share more positivity and community focus in the upcoming months.

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While this crazy year has changed a lot in all of our lives, it has given me the time to focus and curate something I hope will be very special.

As travel starts re-opening, the future vision for the site is to include special discoveries and open access to unique, high quality pieces and essentials from around the world.

I’ve found so many things through my travels that you just can’t find anywhere else, and I really want to be able to share that with you.

day in my dreams luxury fashion wardrobe

Plus, the site will be an opportunity for people to shop ‘The Wardrobe’… select new and gently used pieces I’ve received as a fashion blogger. In fashion there is so much waste.

The Wardrobe will be to help encourage circular fashion, and sharing some of the new and lightly used goods I’ve been so greatly blessed to receive.

shop day in my dreams gold jewelry

Please, have a look! Right now some of my biggest finds have been 18-24K gold plated jewelry, handbags, shoes (of course), and pieces from The Wardrobe. If I haven’t thanked you already, thank you immensely for the encouragement, support, and helping me to continue to chase a Day in my Dreams.

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Another thank you to so many of you who have already shown your support! The launch was a huge success, and packages have continued to fly out the doors.

This is a small independent undertaking! My partners have been myself and my friend slash IT expert and sometimes photographer Kundan Kumar, so I will personally be picking, packing and sending your packages out with love myself.

If you would like to help or support, please check it out, and share if you can! I’m hoping to just build some exposure at this stage, so literally every click makes a HUGE difference. You can find the shop link on the top right navigation of the site, or check it out directly here >>

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Again, just want to encourage you all. If you have a dream, chase it! With hard work and dedication, you can accomplish anything. If there’s something I can do to help you in your journey, reach out. I hope to build a community of encouragement and support for young entrepreneurs everywhere. In the meantime, I will continue to share any tips I can on how I achieved success working as a fashion blogger while still managing my career. It’s hard, but it’s possible. If you’re halfway there or just getting started, keep up the fight.

And, stay tuned for more! New jewelry, timepieces and more pieces in The Wardrobe are coming soon.

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