We finished decorating our bedroom a good couple of months now, and whilst I'm insanely pleased with how the room looks on an interior level there's one thing missing, a comfortable nights sleep. We bought our house in August last year and being in such a rush to sleep in our new home the day we picked up the keys we rushed out and bought the first mattress we found, not bothered about the mattress in general just the excitement of having our first nights sleep in our new home.

Almost a year later, and whilst the excitement of owning our first home is still there, the thought of going to sleep at night was an instant dread. An uncomfortable mattress together with numerous deadlines and being unable to switch off at the best of times doesn't exactly achieve the best nights sleep. And that's when The Leesa Mattress stepped in.

The Leesa Mattress is designed with one goal in mind: to help people get a better nights sleep. With their 100 night risk free trial and delivered and built in 5-7 business days you have more than enough time to suss out whether The Leesa Mattress is for you, and if it's not they donate the mattress to a charitable organisation and provide a full refund. So what's to lose?

Don't get me wrong, I was sceptical about buying a mattress online that I hadn't already tried out. But, the thought of the 100 night's trial soon pushed that doubt to the back of my mind. 

The Leesa Mattress is built with three foam layers that adjust to your body to provide optimum support. The 5cm thick top layer is made of Avena foam which is a responsive material that allows airflow through the mattress for a cooler nights sleep. Perfect for the heatwave we're experiencing in the UK! The 5cm thick middle layer made up of memory foam and the 15cm thick bottom layer adapts to your body providing optimum support and comfort.

The Leesa Mattress is delivered compressed and rolled into a box just 106cm tall. Unboxing couldn't be easier. I simply unboxed the mattress in our bedroom, placed on the slats, remove the inner and outer plastic whilst unrolling the mattress and watch it expand and take shape.

I'm not sure I've ever said this about a mattress before but it suits our bedroom perfectly! The Leesa Mattress is a gorgeous light grey colour featuring four white iconic stripes at the bottom of the mattress. 

Initially laying down on The Leesa Mattress I was sceptical about it being too firm compared to the soft mattress we've been sleeping on for the past year. But, after just a couple of nights sleep I couldn't be happier when I wake up in the morning. I fall sleep comfortable and enveloped in the foam layers until my alarm goes off the next morning. I can hardly feel my boyfriend moving in the night and the amount of tossing and turning has reduced significantly.

Thank you Leesa for giving me back those 8 hours.

For £100 off a Leesa Mattress use code "AFASHIONFIX

This post was made in collaboration with Leesa.
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