SpotyPal: A Must Have Gadget for a Traveler

If you are a frequent traveler and always find yourself hopping from one destination to the next, you really must pay extra attention to your stuff. We can never be too careful, can we? Even the most organised of all, can lose something. We are human after all. 

I spend a lot of my time on the road. The things which I pack on my every single trip are pretty basic, and as basic as they are — they play a crucial role in my day to day operations, as well as running a business on the go. I was recently introduced to SpotyPal—a must-have gadget for a traveler and here’s why. 

SpotyPal: Why We Need this Travel Buddy 

SpotyPal is an ultimate item finder gadget that will keep your mind at ease. It is small device which you can attach to anything that you might think is necessary to keep track off. Whether you want to attach it to your keys, wallet, pet or passport — it really can be a life saver. The device comes in different colours, it is very light and easy to use. 

What’s in My Pouch That is So Valuable? 

When traveling I usually put the small items in one pouch bag which includes my house keys, SD cards which are very valuable to me as they contain all the photographs and content which I create during my travels, and battery packs.

This pouch goes in and out of my backpack several times a day and when you are constantly on the go, the chance of dropping it somewhere or misplacing it is very likely. That’s why a device like SpotyPal is very handy when you want to have your mind at ease. 


The Practicality and How to Use SpotyPal?

The device is light and made of hard plastic which makes it durable and damage free. It is operated by a user-friendly smart phone application which was very easy to download on my iPhone. The sign-up process is fairly simple, you can either create an account using you Social Media profiles or email. By following an easy step-by-step activation process you will have your gadget working in a matter of minutes. 

You have to create an item which you would like to be tracked, for example keys and to activate it you just press a button on the device until you hear a beep. Basically activating the location settings, you are connected to Google maps that will track your item when and if necessary. There is also an option of calling your device. You must keep the device and app connected to help you locate your item. Another notable feature is that you can also use the device to locate your mobile or send an SOS message to your predefined contacts  with the exact location — in case of emergency. This is extremely useful when you are traveling alone.

All these notifications can be set up in settings and you can choose for example how many times you need to press the button in order to send the desired message. If you hold it for example for three seconds straight your phone will start ringing — basically you adjust the settings based on your preferences.

I believe SpotyPal makes a great gift for anyone. It’s affordable and very handy. Whether you want to gift it to your friends, grandparents, parents and even place it on one of your children’s items just for an ease of mind that you know you can always locate your kid’s current location.  

You can get your own SpotyPal for just 29.00. Click to buy yours here.



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