Sunny Santa Barbara

I don’t really know what’s going on with the weather in LA lately, but it’s been kinda meh for the past few days! Rainy and cold, but most of all, dark and gloomy… After sulking for a few days, Emil and I decided to chase away the blues by spending a few days in sunny Santa Barbara doing a bit of everything from wine tasting and dining to revisiting a few of our favorite places like Solvang and Buellton to name a few.

Though we’ve gone wine tasting in California a few times, and Napa is certainly one of our favorite places, when you’re looking for a quick getaway, Santa Barbara is definitely the place to go. About an hour and a half away from LA, Santa Barbara wineries are charming, the wine is delicious and dining is fantastic! So, basically best, best in all possible ways:)!

One of our favorite wineries in Santa Barbara is Sunstone. A big Rose fan, their 14’s ROSE is absolutely delicious, so if you ever go, I highly recommend trying it! Aside from their wine selection, I think what we love about Sunstone the most, is how beautiful the grounds are and how relaxed the atmosphere is! A great place to have an outdoor picnic, whenever we go, we make sure to bring a basket of goodies with us! Normally, I prefer Parmesan above all other cheeses, but Emil and I just discovered the creamiest brie, which tastes amazing paired with apricot marmalade, toasted crackers and a glass of white wine or sparkling rose! In fact, it tastes so amazing, we are down right addicted at the moment!:)

Since I can’t pack light to save my life, I brought two suitcases full of clothing with me ( Hey, you never know what you might feel like wearing, right? Sometimes it’s a dress kinda day and sometimes, it is most definitely not ) but ended up practically living in the outfit I’m wearing in today’s post. First, and I am not afraid to say it, I am obsessed with high-waisted shorts! Incredibly comfortable and uber flattering, I love the way they elongate the silhouette and accentuate the waist! Second, bodysuits are the greatest thing that happened to fitted tops ever! What I love about the one I’m wearing today from Express, is the lace up detailing! Well, obviously, since I love details so much! Though to be completely honest with you, I am pretty obsessed with bodysuits at the moment in general and keep being them obsessively in every color imaginable! So, I hope you don’t mind seeing quite a bit of them this summer!:)

EXPRESS Denim patch pocket shorts, One Eleven crisscross v-neck bodysuit, classic bandana in navy & sunglasses | CHLOE Gala small bucket bag | MARC FISHER LTD Fawn gladiator sandals
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