The 5 Million Star Hotel

Discover the magic that lives at this Icelandic retreat where guests can unwind under the stars and immerse themselves in the local nature and culture. 

Tucked away in the forests of Iceland, surrounded by unimaginable views in the serene seclusion of nature is where you’ll find this sensationally unique retreat. Named the “5 Million Star Hotel” for its incredible views of the night sky, Buubble takes glamping to a whole new level. This Icelandic retreat puts guests closer to the stars than they have ever been before with transparent, spherical sleeping structures to immerse guests in the beautiful nature around them. If the timing is right and the weather is clear enough, guests can experience the alluring glow of the Aurora Borealis waltzing above them. 


The hotel has two farm locations–one is nestled in the Golden Circle area, and the other is on the South Coast. The exact location of each hotel is concealed until the guests have completed their booking process to keep this hidden gem a secret from the outside world. Travelers are given GPS coordinates upon arrival, easily leading them to their obscure experience. Both locations are home to nine bubbles that each fit two people. The bubbles are set far apart from one another, creating a remote, private and quiet getaway. The isolated position of the bubbles gives guests the greatest chance of seeing the Northern Lights since the retreat is far enough away from the city, so light pollution does not interfere with the view. These cozy, igloo-like bubbles are equipped with a silent ventilation system, heat, power strips, a double bed and lots of warm blankets. Though the interior of the bubbles are simple, the magnificent views encompassing guests make up for any lost decor. There is a shared home on the property that provides bathrooms, showers and a kitchen area for guests. 

A trip to the 5 Million Star Hotel is amazing enough in the comfort of your bubble but if you are looking for an adventure and to see more during your stay, the hotel provides luxury SUVs for guided tours of some of the best sights in Iceland. In the winter and summer, there are tours to both the Golden Circle and South Coast where guests are taken to multiple breathtaking spots before ultimately settling in a bubble of their own for the night. The experienced local tour guides from the Buubble team provide information on the history of the area, knowledge of the nature that surrounds them and insight on the local culture. 

The Golden Circle tour begins with a stop at Thingvellir National Park, where the fascinating continental drift valley that the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet can be viewed. This is home to many of Iceland’s historical moments and is the birthplace of the country’s government. The tour continues to the Geyser hot springs which are active approximately every five minutes and can shoot up to heights of 90-feet, followed by a stop at the iconic Gullfoss Waterfall. Gullfoss, meaning “Golden Falls”, lives up to its name with its powerfully-beautiful, double-cascading cataract. The last stop before arriving at the bubbles is the Secret Lagoon which is a natural hot spring and the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. Visitors have the opportunity to try authentic Icelandic cuisine at a local restaurant near the Secret Lagoon. Guests then arrive and settle into their bubble to spend the night, and hopefully get a glimpse of the Northern Lights dancing above their heads.


The South Coast guided tour begins at the 210-foot high Seljalandfoss Waterfall, presenting amazing views of the roaring glacier waters. The tour continues to another nearby waterfall, Skogafoss Waterfall which can be observed from the base of the waterfall, or the top and provides an amazing spot for watching the diverse range of birds in the area. Diverging from the waterfalls, the tour stops at Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach which is known for its giant basalt stacks, mighty waves and intriguing black-colored sand. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach is considered one of the top non-tropical beaches on the planet, making it a true treat to visit and spectacle to enjoy. After the beach, guests head to the bubbles to spend the rest of their stay. Guests also have the option to go on a self-guided tour, giving them the opportunity to explore on their own with recommendations from the hotel.

The weather in Iceland is inconsistent and unpredictable causing natives of Iceland to coin the saying, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes!”. In the winter, snow is expected along with high winds and even strong storms at times. The summer months bring the midnight sun, making for long summer days and a seemingly never-ending dusk. The snugly heated bubbles make for a wonderful place to watch the winter weather unfold and provide the best chance of catching the Aurora Borealis in the wintertime. It is recommended that guests pack an assortment of clothing due to the fickle weather patterns of the region, as well as a flashlight to safely maneuver through the outdoor resort during the night. 


One of the most extraordinary retreats in Iceland, the 5 Million Star Hotel will not fail to stun any traveler who takes a journey here. Whether you’re intrigued by frozen, ice-speckled walkways leading to a private, inflated oasis, or you want to be awoken by vibrant, summer sunrises in a hidden farm village, staying at the Buubble hotel will exceed all expectations. A unique vacation and the perfect disconnect from reality is provided under a sky flooded with stars that can be seen without even leaving your bed. The Buubble experience has combined a love for nature, luxury and innovation to create an exclusively unforgettable experience for all visitors. With winter right around the corner, the chance to catch a glance of the Aurora Borealis is growing, making it the perfect time to experience your very own Buubble adventure.

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