The Club Beverly Hills

If you haven’t seen on my Instagram yet (or his) I recently added a new addition to my family – a Goldendoodle puppy named George! I had been wanting to get a dog for many years, but chose to wait thinking my life may become less busy with more free time, and would allow for me to take on the responsibility of owning a pet.

Getting a dog is a huge life decision that you have to prepare for, although I realized there wasn’t ever going to be the absolute “perfect time” to welcome a new fluffy family member.

I have an extremely busy schedule that includes sometimes staying at events late into the evenings, having to travel on last minute’s notice, and oftentimes going from back-to-back meetings during the day. That’s not to say I don’t have downtime to spend with a dog, because I do, but my sporadic and inconsistent schedule made me hesitant to commit, not knowing what the dog would do when I was out of the house.

In came The Club Beverly Hills. Think Soho House meets the Four Seasons meets Equinox. A place for day stays and overnight retreats for your pup. When I discovered there was a place that would solve all of my aforementioned hesitations, that is when I decided I was able to finally get the dog I had been wanting for so long.

The Club Beverly Hills is the ultimate mecca for all things doggy-fun. Nestled on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, just six blocks away from my house (and Soho House, nonetheless), The Club Beverly Hills dubs itself as, “the perfect spot for LA’s most powerful dogs to socialize with like-minded peers.” 

When I discovered The Club Beverly Hills and took my first tour, I realized that it was in a class of its own. The canine centered facility and owners assure their focus is on the dogs being safe and healthy, while having the ultimate “Club” experience. This includes an outdoor fitness park (which is very hard to find in LA, most daycares are only indoor), indoor clubhouse, day cottages, overnight villas as well as a luxurious spa and salon (doggy massages!) The Club even has a kitchen which provides individual meal options for the dogs (did someone say room service?)

Open 7 days per week, knowing that a place like The Club Beverly Hills existed let me feel confident in getting a dog. I no longer had to worry about those back-to-back meetings (George can stay all day) or last minute trips (George can sleep over in his own personalized villa suite!)

George started going to The Club Beverly Hills as soon as he got all of his shots. If he could speak, he would definitely tell me how much he loves it there. He now knows when we’re headed to The Club, and basically jumps out of the window, itching to go inside and play with his friends.  When I pick him up after a day of play, he is tired and happy, ready to relax with me at home in the evening.

The staff offers unprecedented care and attention to each dog, along with peace of mind and convenience for each owner. In a rush? I call and let them know I am outside in my car with George and they come out to get him. Can’t make it by dinnertime? They ask what to feed George and at what time?

On par with the hotel-like amenities that The Club Beverly Hills offers, there is a salon and spa which has convenient services such as a Soak and Blow Dry Bar, massage, and paw soaks for not only Club regulars, but also open to the public.

When I am not with George, the only place I am comfortable with him being is at The Club. Some of my favorite parts of the day when he isn’t by my side are the personal photos I receive via text and the continuously updated hilariously entertaining Instagram feed from the incredibly attentive and communicative staff.

If you’re in need of a place for your dog to call a second home, go tour The Club Beverly Hills and mention “George” to receive VIP treatment and discounts!


The Club Beverly Hills

632 N. Almont Drive

West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 274-0829

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